Over 1 MW Hanergy Modules For Shanghai’s Rafael Gallery

Hanergy Providing More Than 1 MW CIGS Solar PV Modules Each With 125 W Capacity For Shanghai’s Rafael Gallery Sky Bridge ‘World’s Longest Urban Industrial Porch’
08:53 AM (Beijing Time) - 19. July 2019

An artist’s rendition of the Rafael Gallery Sky Bridge shows the roof where Hanergy's solar PV panels with CIGS technology will be installed. (Photo Credit: Hanergy)

Key Takeaways

  • Hanergy is providing its CIGS modules to be deployed on the roof of Rafael Gallery at Lingang Songjiang Tech City in Shanghai, China
  • It expects more than 1 MW of modules with 125 W capacity each to be installed on the Sky Bridge
  • Hanergy says conversion efficiency of these panels is 18.5% and that these offer better performance under weak light condition to efficiently generate power during even cloudy days

Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group Limited will provide its thin film CIGS modules for the roof of Rafael Gallery in Shanghai, a 1.5 km sky bridge called the longest urban industrial porch in the world.

The 150,000 m2 roof stretches across the top of over 20 skyscrapers, the size of some 20 soccer fields and weighs 14,000 tons. From afar, it is designed to resemble a giant rolling cloud. Hanergy’s modules will cover the sky bridge designed by Architect Rafael Vinoly at Lingang Songjiang Tech City in Shanghai. The Chinese company says it is also the world’s largest aluminium structure rooftop.

More than 1 MW of CIGS modules are likely to be used for the roof with each having 125 W power rating, weighing only 2 kg. Conversion efficiency of the panels is 18.5%. Hanergy said these panels offer better performance under weak light condition to efficiently generate power even during cloudy days compared to traditional modules.

The Rafael Gallery is among the key projects of China’s 13th Five-Year-Plan expected to host a cluster of lifestyle, food, entertainment and corporate headquarters among other outlets. Construction of the complex’ first phase is already complete while the second phase has already started.

The update comes only days after Hanergy completed installing 4,600 BIPV solar modules for China’s PIIP with 460 kW capacity as the country’s ‘biggest photovoltaic glass curtain wall on a single building’ (see Hanergy Equips Building With 460 kW BIPV Modules).

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