Poland’s Wind & Solar Auctions Launched On Schedule

Wind & Solar PV Projects With Over 1 MW Capacity To Compete For PLN 32 Billion Subsidies In Polish Auctions; PLN 4.2 Billion Reserved For Smaller Projects
02:58 PM (Beijing Time) - 09. December 2019

Poland has announced the launch of its new renewable energy auctions as scheduled in early December 2019, including for large scale and small scale solar and wind power plants. (Photo Credit: Mariochom/www.goodfreephotos.com)

Key Takeaways

  • Poland’s URE has launched the planned December 2019 renewable energy auctions for the country on schedule
  • Large scale wind and solar power projects with more than 1 MW capacity can stake claim to a total of PLN 32 billion in subsidies
  • Small scale wind and solar power plants will be eligible for subsidies reserved at PLN 4.2 billion for a period of 15 years

Now one of the European Union’s largest PV markets, Poland has officially launched its latest renewable energy auction in early December, reserving 11.4 TWh of clean energy requirement to come from large scale wind and solar power plants with capacities above 1 MW. These can claim a total of PLN 32 billion ($8.32 billion), according to the Energy Regulatory Office URE.

On December 10, 2019, the auction for small scale wind and solar power plants will be held; here the government promises PLN 4.2 billion ($1.09 billion) in subsidies for a period of 15 years to the winning projects.Selections will be made on the basis of the lowest electricity bids.

This budget for small scale wind and solar power plants is the second highest after the large scale biomass category that has secured PLN 5.5 billion ($1.43 billion). Auctions are also being launched for small hydrpower plants, small agributltural biogas, large hydropower plants and large agricultural biogas plants.

All categories will need to attract at least three bids for the auction to go forward.

“The amount and value of energy expected to be sold at this year’s auction for windmills and solar farms is twice as much as the amount and value of energy from the same basket from last year,” said Rafał Gawin, president of the Energy Regulatory Office.

The auctions for wind and solar power plants, both big and small, are happening on schedule as shared previously by the Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) (see Poland To Host Solar Wind Auction In Dec 2019).

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