TaiyangNews Solar Trackers Market Survey 2021

TaiyangNews Market Survey on Solar Tracker’s Provides First Comprehensive Technology Overview with Product Specs For A Key Component With Increasing Share In Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants
11:56 PM (Beijing Time) - 21. April 2021
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TaiyangNews’ 1st Solar Market Survey on Solar Trackers includes 36 tracker products from 19 companies, including all market leaders from three continents – Asia, Europe and America.

Our survey looks into the tracker topic at a time, the technology has reached a share of over 30% of the utility market, from basically nil only a handful of years ago, and is forecasted to further increase its stake over the coming years.

The attractiveness of trackers comes from its ability to increase a solar power plant’s yield while reducing cost, primarily in sunny regions and locations with little space constraint. The winning streak of bifacial solar modules with its advantage to generate power on both sides provides another argument for solar trackers.

The market survey has the following structure:

  • Chapter 1 gives a short introduction into solar trackers
  • Chapter 2 provides an overview on the survey participants and the basics of trackers in detail
  • Chapter 3 offers brief summaries of the different products in our survey
  • Chapter 4 Conclusions
  • Chapter 5 interview with Kevin Shu from TrinaTracker, a division of TrinaSolar, one of the world’s largest solar module manufacturers and the only one operating its own solar tracker manufacturing unit.
  • Chapter 6 lists the survey participants’ most relevant data in product specification tables

Our TaiyangNews Solar Trackers 2021 Report, which was launched on April 13, during our Solar Trackers Conference, is for download free of charge here.

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