23.21% Efficiency For Bifacial PERC Solar Cell

Astronergy Reports 23.21% Power Conversion Efficiency For 166 mm Bifacial Monocrystalline PERC Solar Cell In Mass Production
10:55 AM (Beijing Time) - 19. May 2020

Astronergy/Chint Solar say they have realized 23.21% efficiency for its bifacial PERC solar cell. Pictured is a screenshot from a company video showing its 166 cell production line. (Photo Credit: Chint New Energy)

Key Takeaways

  • Chint Solar’s Astronergy has come up with maximum 23.21% efficiency level for bifacial PERC solar cell in mass production
  • The average efficiency for this product on 166 mm size was reported as 23.04%
  • The National Photovoltaic Industry Metrology Test Center of Fujian Institute of Metrology and Science tested the efficiency level and issued a calibration certificate to the company

Chinese crystalline solar module manufacturer Astronergy has reported 23.21% maximum power conversion efficiency for its bifacial monocrystalline PERC solar cells in mass production, and an average efficiency of 23.04%. Astronergy is a subsidiary of Chint New Energy, which also produces solar inverters.

The feat was achieved by Astronergy’s Haining production plant. The results were tested by the Chinese National Photovoltaic Industry Metrology Test Center of Fujian Institute of Metrology and Science that also issued a calibration certificate to the company.

“Pushing the 166-size PERC + cell mass production average efficiency to a new level of 23% + is an important new milestone in the photovoltaic industry cell mass production technology,” said Chint New Energy’s Crystal Silicon Manufacturing Division CTO, Dr Xu Weizhi.

He said that the average efficiency of mass production using a tube thermal oxygen passivation and annealing process is between 18% to 19%, while 19% to 20% is achieved for PERC back passivation technology, 20% to 21% by laser-doping selective emitter (LDSE) method and 21% to 22% through multi busbar (MBB) and passivation technology.

“This time, Chint New Energy achieved extraordinary efficiency by introducing SuperPERC + single-crystal high-efficiency double-sided cell technology to achieve 23% + mass production efficiency,” added Dr Weizhi.

Astronergy operates a module production capacity of 4.2 GW.

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