GameChange Solar’s New Bifacial Tracker Technology

GameChange Solar Claims 15% To 20% Higher Production For Bifacial Solar Modules With BifacialReflector Technology; Applies For Patent
08:20 PM (Beijing Time) - 11. January 2021

GameChange Solar calls its BifacialReflector technology a ‘meaningful breakthrough’ for the industry and claims for this to enable 5% to 8% more power production than other bifacial trackers in the market. (Photo Credit: GameChange Solar)

Key Takeaways

  • GameChange Solar has introduced a new technology from the company calling it BifacialReflector
  • It claims 15% to 20% higher power production from bifacial modules when paired with the company’s own GameChange Solar Genius Tracker
  • The company says this BifacialReflector technology has a 40-year lifespan with a self-cleaning solution

American solar tracker maker GameChange Solar has applied for a patent for a new technology which it claims ‘dramatically’ increases power production of bifacial solar modules paired with its GameChange Solar Genius Tracker. It calls the technology BifacialReflector.

GameChange explains the reflectors boost the power generation of bifacial modules by around 15% to 20%, asserting it to be 5% to 8% more than other bifacial trackers sans BifacialReflector technology. It further adds that this new technology by the company is a self-cleaning solution with 40-year lifespan. It has a highly reflective permanent solid surface up to 4m wide reflecting light from just above the ground level to the back of the bifacial modules, the tracker supplier added.

“Solar power plant owners globally have been asking for a cost-effective, long life, maintenance-free, high reflectivity (.95 albedo) ground cover to place under trackers with bifacial modules,” said GameChange Solar CEO Andrew Worden. “Our technology has a significant power boost for bifacial modules and has a life of 40 years with no maintenance, making it a meaningful breakthrough for the industry.”

In June 2019, GameChange increased its cumulative annual production capacity to over 15 GW after adding 6.4 GW tracker and fixed tilt new lines in China (see GameChange Solar Gets New Chinese Production Lines).

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