Huanghe Hydropower TOPCon Cell Efficiency: 23.2%

23.2% Average Power Conversion Efficiency For N-Type TOPCon High-Efficiency Bifacial Solar Cell Of Huanghe Hydropower China
12:03 PM (Beijing Time) - 19. May 2020

A 2-month long cell upgrade project helped HHSD from China increase its N-type TOPCon efficiencies and to report a 23.2% average efficiency level. (Photo Credit:

Key Takeaways

  • For its N-type TOPCon high-efficiency bifacial solar cells in mass production, HHSD has achieved 23.2% efficiency
  • The company managed this level after completing a cell upgrade and reconstruction project that lasted 2 months
  • It plans to deploy 100 MW of these cell for the first time in a large scale solar project in Hainan Prefecture in China

Huanghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (HHSD) of China has reported 23.2% average power conversion efficiency for its N-type TOPCon high efficiency bifacial solar cells in mass production. This was achieved after its cell upgrade and reconstruction project was completed. The management claims with this efficiency level, it has reached the industry leading level.

It plans to deploy 100 MW capacity of the TOPCon cell upgrade project for the first time in a large scale power supply configuration project of the ultra-high voltage delivery base in Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai province of China. The project is currently under construction. The company said its TOPCon production line is working at full capacity currently.

For the TOPCon cell upgrade project, HHSD says it used high-efficiency chemical cleaning, precision doping, hydrogen passivation and other technologies to overcome the key technical bottlenecks of TOPCon cells which effectively improved the cell efficiency and yield.

“Compared with PERC cells, TOPCon cells have the characteristics of no LID, good low light response, low temperature coefficient, high bifaciality, etc.,” the company stated. “Costs and improving the profitability of power plants have become the technological route for high-end photovoltaic manufacturing.”

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