New 66 Cell Hi-MO4 Monofacial Module By LONGi

LONGi Launches New 66 Cell Hi-MO 4 Monofacial Solar PV Module Targeting Global Residential, C&I Distributed Generation Market
10:55 PM (Beijing Time) - 02. February 2021

LONGi is increasingly eyeing the DG market and has come out with a 66C module targeting this market, taking the Hi-MO 4m range to 3 module types, 60C, 66C and 72C. In 2021, it aims to expand the capacity of its dedicated DG production line to 10 GW, the company added. (Photo Credit: LONGi Solar)

Key Takeaways

  • LONGi has launched a new mono facial solar module based on 166mm cells for global DG segment with 66 cell equivalent design
  • The Hi-MO 4m weighs 22 kg, offering power output of 410W to 420W and is suitable for residential and C&I segments
  • With this module launch, the company now offers 3 products under Hi-MO 4m range, which also includes a 60-cell and 72-cell product

Eyeing global distributed generation market, LONGi Solar has launched a new solar module product with 66 cells (66C), calling it Hi-MO 4 monofacial PV module (Hi-MO 4m). It is targeted for rooftops installations for residential as well as commercial and industrial (C&I) applications.

LONGi explained the Hi-MO 4m module weighs about 22 kg, and has an area of about 2 m2. The new module has a power output of 410W to 420W. With this launch, LONGi now offers 3 Hi-MO 4m products—60C, 66C and 72C. The 60C module covers a power range of 370W to 385W, while the 72-cell equivalent version 72C offers an output of 450W to 460W. All three use low LID mono PERC cells with a maximum efficiency of up to 21%. All three products have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it added.

The company said the size and weight of the Hi-MO 4m module is designed to match the requirements of DG system installations and application scenarios. Clarifying the rationale of having 3 product ranges under the DG category, LONGi said while the 60C module is easy to install due to its size (1.82 m2) and weight (19.5 kg) making it suitable for residential installations, keeping in mind the requirements of various countries and regions where heavier and larger modules can also be installed, it has offered options. On the other hand, the Hi-MO 4m 66C as well as 72C type modules are suitable for use by both residential and C&I segments.

“In terms of installation type, in addition to tiling installation on inclined roofs and installation with the optimal inclination angle on flat roofs, the ‘4-point installation on short frame’ on flat roofs is adopted in some developed countries for lower installation cost and improved system capacity,” stated LONGi. “In this special application scenario, the Hi-MO 4m 66C format module outperforms other modules. Compared with conventional module products, it not only achieves stable and efficient power output, but also has higher resistance to wind and snow loads.”

Launched in 2019, the Hi-MO 4 series use 166mm wafer sized modules and in March 2020 the company shared its overall orders for these modules had exceeded 10 GW with numbers going up (see 5 GW LONGi Module Fab In Jiangsu At Full Capacity).

Now LONGi says it will expand the capacity of its dedicated DG production line to 10 GW in 2021.

Advanced solar module technologies were the subject of discussion during TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies for Rooftop & Utility Scale Applications virtual conference on January 27 & 28, 2021 which had some of the leading solar PV module manufacturers sharing perspectives and their product ranges, including LONGi (see Jan 27-28 Advanced Solar Modules).

During the conference, TaiyangNews launched a new report called Advanced Module Technologies 2021 that looks at commercial advanced standard solar modules for all 3 main market segments as utility-scale, C&I and rooftops. It can be downloaded for free here.

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