1.5 GW Solar PV For Irish Grid Approved

Grid Connection For 1.5 GW PV & 325 MW Solar/441 MW Storage In Ireland

1.5 GW Solar PV For Irish Grid Approved

Solar PV technology dominates Category A list of ECP-2.2 projects EirGrid and ESB networks have selected to offer grid connection in Ireland. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Jenson/Shutterstock.com)

  • EirGrid and ESB Networks has announced Category A projects for ECP-2.2 in Ireland
  • Solar PV won the biggest chunk of 1.533 GW in the form of 61 projects
  • The list also includes 325 MW solar with 441 MW battery storage as hybrid projects
  • Wind, hybrid wind and storage and gas facilities are other technologies that have made it to the list

Ireland’s state-owned electric transmission operator EirGrid plc and energy services provider ESB Networks have awarded grid connection offers to 2.897 GW new energy generation capacity under the country’s Enduring Connection Policy (ECP) under Category A of ECP-2.2. A total of 61 solar projects form the biggest chunk of the lot with 1.533 GW capacity making the cut.

The list also includes an additional 325 MW solar with 441 MW battery storage as hybrid projects to have been cleared.

Under the grid connection policy of Ireland, namely ECP, the country facilitates grid connection of new power generation projects. ECP-2 is the 2nd stage of the policy divided into annual batches of connection offers—ECP-2.1, ECP-2.2 and ECP-2.3.

Other renewable energies that have been selected include 11 wind energy facilities with 345 MW capacity, 4 hybrid wind (2 MW) and (7 MW) battery storage facilities, 1 gas project with 100 MW, and 2 battery storage facilities having 150 MW capacity.

Of the total 85 projects in the list, 25 were selected on the basis of renewable output and those having the largest volume of renewable GWh annually generated. Remaining 60 facilities were selected in order of planning permission grant date.

The winning solar projects form an initial list of applicants to be processed under category A of ECP 2.2 batch. Winning projects were selected basis their renewable output. The list of the winning projects is available on EirGrid’s website.

EirGrid did mention that the projects in Category A may change if these do not proceed with their application or no longer be deemed eligible.

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