• Hanergy Thin Film has reported 24.23% conversion efficiency for its SHJ technology champion cell sheet (156mm x 156mm)
  • Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET) rates this as ‘China’s most efficient’
  • The 24.23% is an improvement over JET certified 23.7% reported in August 2018 which was called the ‘highest in China’ by China Photovoltaic Society

China based thin-film solar company Hanergy Thin Film Power has reported a 24.23% conversion efficiency for a silicon heterojunction (SHJ) technology champion cell (156mm x 156mm). The Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET) has rated this as ‘China’s most efficient’, said Hanergy.

Previously in August 2018, its SHJ conversion efficiency of 23.7%, certified by JET, was the ‘highest in China’ according to China Photovoltaic Society. The company says over the past 2 years, the conversion rate of Hanergy SHJ technology has increased by 1% in absolute terms every year.

The company did not share any details about how they improved conversion efficiency.

In February 2018, Hanergy’s German subsidiary Solibro secured TÜV Rheinland’s approval for most efficient CIGS module at 18.7%, while its US subsidiary Alta Devices achieved 25.1% for GaAS module (see Hanergy Record Efficiencies For CIGS & GaAs).