Huasun Energy of China has achieved 25.23% power conversion efficiency for its 166mm wafer sized heterojunction (HJT) solar cell, which it claims has a design for mass production. It said this efficiency  has been certified by Germany’s Institute of Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH). Indeed this is a record efficiency level in an industrial production environment, surpassing previous best efficiency of 25.2% efficiency announced by GS-Solar in February (see 25.2% Efficiency For GS-Solar HJT Solar Cell).
It is also an improvement over 25.06% efficiency Huasun Energy achieved for a 166mm sized HJT cell on June 8, 2021. Back in March 2021, Huasun Energy commissioned its 500 MW HJT cell module production capacity with highest efficiency of 24.39% for HJT cells on the mass production line (see Huasun Achieves 24.39% Highest Efficiency For HJT Cell).
Huasun Energy now targets to reach 25.5% ‘mass production’ efficiency for its HJT cell technology during the 14th Five-Year Plan of the Chinese government that will run between 2021 and 2025.
Overall effort is to increase the current density of the HJT cell, said Huasun Energy’s CTO Dr. Wenjing Wang. He added, “The future direction of HJT cells to further improve efficiency is to use doped microcrystalline silicon or doped microcrystalline oxygen (carbon) silicon to replace the current doped amorphous silicon, which can further increase the doping concentration, increase the light transmission performance, while reducing the resistance of the doped layer.”
In May 2021, Chinese solar cell production equipment manufacturer Maxwell achieved what it termed a record 25.05% efficiency for M6/166mm HJT cell, also certified by ISFH (see 25.05% Record Efficiency For HJT M6 Solar Cell).
TaiyangNews’ Heterojunction Solar Technology 2020 Report covers the technology in-depth. It can be downloaded for free here.
Recently, TaiyangNews held a 3-day conference on European Union (EU) funded Horizon 2020 solar PV technology research projects titled What’s Hot in European Solar R&D, under which day 1 focused on new concepts for high-efficiency PV cells and modules, including HJT technology (see Day 1: TaiyangNews What’s Hot In European Solar R&D).