25.7% Efficiency Record For N-Type Mono-Si Solar Cell

China’s National Institute of Metrology Confirms JinkoSolar’s 25.7% Efficiency Claim For TOPCon Solar Cell

25.7% Efficiency Record For N-Type Mono-Si Solar Cell

As it aims to grow TOPCon production capacity to 16 GW by the end of 2022, JinkoSolar is working towards improving its efficiency which has now reached 25.7%, up from 25.4% it reported in October 2021. (Source: JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd.)

  • JinkoSolar has announced 25.7% maximum power conversion efficiency for 182mm N-type monocrystalline silicon solar cell
  • It achieved the efficiency level using TOPCon cell fabricated on a high-quality CZ mono-Si substrate
  • The same has been independently confirmed by China’s National Institute of Metrology

Chinese solar PV technology company JinkoSolar Holding has reported achieving a maximum power conversion efficiency of 25.7% for its 182mm high efficiency N-type monocrystalline silicon solar cell stating it as a new world record.

The National Institute of Metrology, China has independently confirmed the results, it added. With this, JinkoSolar has excelled its previous high of 25.4% for the same technology, announced in October 2021 (see 25.4% Efficiency TOPCon ‘Record’ For JinkoSolar).

It managed to reach this efficiency on a monocrystalline silicon TOPCon solar cell that was fabricated on a high-quality CZ mono-Si substrate. According to the team, the cell process incorporated elements as high temperature gettering, advanced diffusion, semi-transparent metallization, company’s self-developed HOT technologies, and a series of material upgrades.

“It is a major breakthrough for our N-type TOPCon cell technology and an important milestone in our development of innovative products and solutions,” said Jinko Solar CTO Dr. Jin Hao. “We are constantly investing in technology upgrades to achieve cost-effective mass production, and increase the competitiveness of our N-type products in the market.”

In an interview with TaiyangNews, JinkoSolar’s Global Vice President Dany Qian spoke at length about the company’s focus on TOPCon solar cell technology whose in-house production capacity JinkoSolar aims to grow to 16 GW by the end of 2022 (see A Big Mid-Term Plan For TOPCon).

In January 2022, TaiyangNews also conducted a Special Focus Webinar on The Time is Ripe for TOPCon Solar Modules whose video recording can be found on our YouTube Channel (see TaiyangNews Special Focus Webinar On TOPCon).

Our latest report on TOPCon Solar Technology 2021 Edition is available for free download on our website (see TaiyangNews TOPCon Solar Technology).

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