25% Mass Production Efficiency For N-Type TOPCon Cells

Leadmicro’s AEP TOPCon Cell Production Line Achieves Mass Production Efficiency Of 25%

25% Mass Production Efficiency For N-Type TOPCon Cells

Leadmicro of China says its TOPCon solar cell production line has achieved 25% average mass production efficiency. (Photo Credit: Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Technology Co Ltd)

  • Leadmicro of China has announced 25% average mass production efficiency for TOPCon cells using line it delivered
  • It accelerates the momentum for the industrialization of n-type TOPCon solar cell technology
  • The company has now sold nearly 80 GW of TOPCon and other high efficiency cell orders including 20 GW for 2 companies in September 2022

Chinese solar cell equipment producer Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Technology Co Ltd has reported a ‘breakthrough’ with an average mass production efficiency of 25% for its GW level TOPCon production line that uses atomic layer deposition (ALD) Enabled Photovoltaics (AEP) technology.

The company says this efficiency was achieved on the production line it delivered. The development adds new momentum to the industrialization of n-type TOPCon solar cell technology. According to the company, ALD is the core technology to achieve a breakthrough in the conversion efficiency of high efficiency TOPCon cell.

Leadmicro’s production equipment uses front passivation layer, tunneling oxide layer toped with in-situ dope polysilicon layer of TOPCon cells. The core of the company’s solutions is based PEALD 2-in-1 technology that accomplishes all the deposition steps required for TOPCon structure.

Leadmicro and Suntech Power jointly built what the company says was the world’s ‘1st’ GW level TOPCon whole line with ALD technology as the core and which is compatible with both 182mm and 210mm silicon wafer cells.

Recently, Leadmicro announced winning bids for 20 GW TOPCon high efficiency solar cell projects from 2 leading solar manufacturers, taking its total TOPCon and other related high efficiency cell order tally close to 80 GW.

The CTO of Leadmicro Dr Wei-Min Li participated in the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Pushing PERC to its Limits—How to Manufacture Highest Efficiency Standard PERC Cells in March 2022. In a fire chat with TaiyangNews Head of Technology Shravan Chunduri, Li said the company was working hard on TOPCon (see Potential For Further PERC Cost Reduction).

A recording of the event and the fire chat is available on our YouTube channel here.

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