Norway headquartered solar panel maker REC Group has come out with another new solar module calling it REC N-Peak 2 which it defines as the 2nd generation of its N-type TOPCon cell-based panels. The company recalled it had previously launched REC N-Peak in June 2018 as the ‘1st’ solar panel in the world to combine N-type mono half-cut cells with twin-panel design.
N-type technology, it explained, reduces light induced degradation (LID) to zero, while TOPCon (short for Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) passivates rear of the cell for increased electron capture and higher+stabilized efficiency.
For its REC N-Peak 2 modules, REC said it uses 120 half-cut mono N-type cells with up to 375W power output, and guarantees power output in year 25 of the panel’s service life of at least 92%. It claims the new product steps up the already excellent power density and energy yield per unit area. However, the company has not provided the module efficiency.
REC N-Peak 2 modules are targeted towards residential, commercial and industrial rooftops, since the company claims these can generate high power levels in a limited space. Product datasheet is available on REC Group’s website.
The company plans to start production of the REC N-Peak 2 modules in August 2021 and start global shipments in October 2021.
Before this launch, the Norwegian manufacturer announced its 4th generation of TwinPeak solar panels, also with up to 375W output in May 2021 (see REC Group Unveils 4th Generation TwinPeak Panels). Before that, it unveiled its lead free pure black solar panel in the Alpha series (see REC Group Launches Pure Black Solar Panels). The Alphas series is based on HJT technology.
During our May 2021 virtual conference on Very High-Power Solar Modules , solar companies discussed latest technological developments and future module trends to be expected in this space, including applications for residential rooftops and utility-scale solar – and presentations from Jinko Solar and Jolywood  covering TOPCon module technology (see Day 1 and Day 2 coverage).