350 MW Solar For Lithium Processing Plant In Spain

Spanish Lithium Processing Plant To Be Powered By Solar PV, Renewable Hydrogen & Green Methane

350 MW Solar For Lithium Processing Plant In Spain

With renewable energy powering its lithium production plant, ENE expects to prevent more than 360,000 tons of CO2 annually once the project is online. (Photo Credit: Alter Enersun)

  • ENE’s planned lithium processing plant in Spain’s Cáceres is to be energized by a renewable energy project
  • The hybrid clean energy facilities are proposed to be 350 MW solar PV, 180 MW renewable hydrogen and with a maximum of up to 180 MW green methane plant
  • ENE will create a joint venture company with Enalter to manage the solar PV, green hydrogen and green methane plants

A lithium processing plant being developed by Extremadura New Energies (ENE) in Spain is planned to be powered by a 350 MW solar PV project along with 180 MW green hydrogen and a green methane plant with maximum capacity of 180 MW through a joint venture with Enalter, which itself is formed by Alter Enersun and Enagas Renovable.

ENE’s planned lithium plant is to be located in Cáceres region for which under phase I, a study will be carried out to design and ascertain the techno-economic feasibility of the project along with most suitable sites in the region. If all goes well, construction will start from 2025.

Under phase II, construction of the solar PV, and renewable hydrogen and methane production facilities will be started. Commercial operations are currently scheduled to start from 2026 and stay online for well over 25 years.

Green methane is generated by a combination of renewable hydrogen and carbon captured from industrial processes. ENE explains that carbon emissions generated in the combustion of synthetic methane are compensated with carbon separated and recovered from industrial processes making the project 100% renewable.

A new company created by ENE and Enalter will manage both the PV project as well as the renewable hydrogen and methane generation plants. During construction of the project, 600 jobs are estimated to be created, and 50 long-term jobs.

ENE believes this initiative will not only provide renewable energy to the lithium processing plant, but also align with the target of sustainable mining for one of the 30 European Union (EU) identified critical materials that run a risk of shortage.

Clean energy resources will help prevent more than 300,000 tons of carbon emissions annually and contribute to industrial decarbonization. ENE claims it will be a unique plant in Europe that will contribute to the energy independence of Spain and of the European Commission as a whole.

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