• Zimbabwe’s TD Energy plans to invest $80 million to develop a 40.8 MW PV project in Norton
  • Construction expected to finish in 56 weeks
  • Plant to help the country partly bridge the gap between electricity demand and supply
  • Funding for the project to come from TD Energy’s unnamed foreign technical partner

The African nation of Zimbabwe could soon have a 40.8 MW of solar power plant. The project is being planned by private energy firm TD Energy, which reportedly has Dr Gideon Gono, former governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, on its board of directors.

TD Energy has secured approval from the Environmental Management Agency, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority for the project. It plans to invest $80 million. Funding for the project is to come from an unnamed foreign technical partner of TD energy, according to The Herald, a local daily.

Power from the plant would be sold to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), which stated, “The connection of TD Energy plant to the grid will result in an increase in local generation, network efficiencies and operational flexibility and is therefore highly recommended.” It added, “Connection of the project to the grid will not cause derogation of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) grid, therefore the investor can proceed with the project as recommended.”

Zimbabwe’s power demand can go up to 2,200 MW, but local production is only about 1,000 MW. The deficit is imported from regional utilities and private producers. The TD Energy PV power plan, which will be located at Norton near ZETDC’s grid, would try to bridge parts of that gap.

Next to improving power supply, the solar plant is expected to create new jobs and save money for the country. The construction of the plant is expected to finish in 56 weeks.

According to The Herald, TD Energy’s potential customers will include ZETDC, municipalities, private firms as Zimbabwe Platinum Mines, Mimosa Mines, Morton Jeffrey Water Works, agro industries, Norton Town Council, Hunyani Business, Garba Industries and JW Wilson Furniture.