90 GW Solar Plan For NextEra’s Real Zero

NextEra’s Florida Power & Light To Grow Solar Capacity By More Than 20X To Over 90 GW By 2045

90 GW Solar Plan For NextEra’s Real Zero

As opposed to Net Zero goal when carbon emissions are reduced and offset with credits, NextEra said its Real Zero strategy will help it completely eliminate CO2 from all its operations by 2045 as targeted. FPL’s decarbonization opportunity addresses 96% of its scope 1 and 2 emissions, based on 2021 emissions inventory, it added. (Source: NextEra Energy, Inc)

  • NextEra Energy has unveiled its Real Zero target to achieve 100% decarbonization of its grid by 2045
  • Group company FPL will alone aim for over 90 GW solar power capacity on its grid by 2045, up from 4 GW it has now
  • FPL will also be tasked to run 16 GW of existing natural gas units on green hydrogen
  • The transition will not require any carbon offsets and deliver clean energy to the end customers at zero incremental cost

US clean energy major NextEra Energy says its group company Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) will expand solar energy capacity on its grid to over 90 GW by 2045, up from nearly 4 GW now, under the group’s Real Zero decarbonization strategy.

One of the largest electricity utilities in the US, FPL will be able to reach a 100% decarbonized grid by 2045, as it goes step by step to make it happen from 36% by 2025, 52% by 2030, 62% by 2035 and 83% by 2040.

Solar power generation will be supported with more than 50 GW of battery storage on its grid by the target year, increasing from 500 MW today. FPL will continue to rely on nuclear power whose current capacity stands at 3.5 GW.

NextEra said the FPL will also convert 16 GW of existing natural gas units to run on green hydrogen meaning its Real Zero ambitions won’t leave any stranded generation assets.

For itself, NextEra has set a timeline to reduce its carbon emissions reduction rate to 82% by 2030, 87% by 2035, and 94% by 2040, finally hitting 100% by 2045, while investing in innovations in wind, solar, battery storage, green hydrogen and other renewable energy development. The target timeline is a decade later than the US government’s decarbonized grid ambition for 2035.

FPL’s decarbonization opportunity, explains NextEra, addresses 96% of its scope 1 and 2 emissions, based on 2021 emissions inventory.

Calling Real Zero the most ambitious carbon emissions reduction goal ever set by an energy produces, NextEra stressed that Real Zero will deliver clean energy to the end customers at zero incremental cost, while also eliminating fuel price volatility and driving energy independence. Achieving the goals will not require any carbon offsets either.

NextEra clarifies that Real Zero means completely eliminating carbon emissions from all operations, and is opposed to Net Zero which translates into reducing carbon emissions and acquiring traditional offsets or credits.

“We’re part of an industry that is well positioned to make the most progress in the elimination of carbon emissions and Real Zero is NextEra Energy’s goal to set a new standard for all power generators,” said the President and CEO of NextEra Energy John Ketchum.

The blueprint of Real Zero target is available on the company’s website. NextEra will share further details of the plan at its upcoming 2022 Investor Conference.

Recently NextEra said it was confident of building around 23 GW to 30 GW of wind, solar and storage capacity between 2021 till 2024 (see NextEra: Up To 2.8 GW US Solar & Storage May Shift To 2023).

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