Actis Launches New European RE Platform Called Rezolv Energy

Rezolv Energy To Build Multi-GW Clean Energy Portfolio for Corporate Power Supply In Central & South Eastern Europe

Actis Launches New European RE Platform Called Rezolv Energy

Rezolv Energy, Actis’ new renewables platform in Europe, will undertake renewable energy projects from late-development stage to long term operations. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: petrmalinak/

  • Actis has formed a new renewable energy platform, its 1st for Central and South Eastern Europe
  • Rezolv Energy will utilize investable capital of $6 billion from Actis’ Energy 5 Fund to invest in multi-GW portfolio of wind, solar and storage projects
  • It will provide clean subsidy-free energy to commercial and industrial offtakers, among others

Global sustainable infrastructure investor Actis has launched a new Central and South Eastern Europe focused renewable energy platform called Rezolv Energy to offer subsidy-free clean energy supply for commercial and industrial (C&I) users and other offtakers.

Rezolv will use proceeds from Actis’ Energy 5 Fund with $6 billion investable capital, to build a multi-GW portfolio of wind, solar and energy storage projects, from late-stage development through construction and long-term operation.

End users like supermarkets, breweries, telecoms and other large businesses will be supplied clean energy for a long term and at a stable price, stated Actis.

To begin with, with Alastair Hammond as its COO, Rezolv has entered acquisition agreements for 1 GW wind energy capacity in the region.

“Rising energy costs, heightened security concerns, demand to meet climate targets, and stakeholder expectations, are causing a rethink on energy usage – and production,” said Rezolv Chief Executive Jim Campion. “Today, private companies, as well as public utilities, are finding their traditional reliance on fossil fuels far less viable. Renewable sources of energy are ready to take the lead and Rezolv has been created to accelerate the Energy Transition.”

For Actis, this is its 1st Energy Infrastructure investment in Central and South Eastern Europe. Recently, it divested stake in its India renewables platform Sprng Energy to Shell (see Actis To Sell Indian Renewables Platform To Shell).

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