Advanced Module Technologies 2021 Report

TaiyangNews Report Looks at Commercial Advanced Standard Solar Modules For Main Market Segments – Utility-Scale, C&I And Rooftops

Advanced Module Technologies 2021 Report

In pursuit of higher power, module makers are increasingly mixing several advanced technologies in one product as they address the different market segments.

For this 4th Edition of the TaiyangNews Report on Advanced Module Technologies 2021, we scouted through the data sheets of more than 300 products from 25 leading suppliers to learn that more and more module products are being built with multiple advanced technologies implemented, such as larger wafers, half cells, paving/zero gap, bifacial, now primarily addressing application needs.

To enable a better look at these latest developments, we have changed our approach to cover product developments categorized according to the 3 main applications – Residential, Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and Utility, and their fusions, Residential and C&I and C&I and Utility, a total of 5 categories.

We have also adopted a higher bar in terms of qualification for advanced module products, where we list only the top products from leading module manufacturers featuring at least a combination of half-cell and MBB, and their bifacial variants. Since back contact modules and zero gap technologies such as shingling and Tiling Ribbon also requirea higher degree of technology orientation at the module level, such products also earn their place among the advanced module technologies in our review.

The TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies Report 2021, which was launched on Jan. 28 during our Advanced Module Technologies Conference, is for download free of charge here.


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