• Afghanistan’s National Procurement Authority has issued three hybrid solar power tenders
  • Last date to submit tender documents for 40 MW capacity to be developed at Hisar-e-Shahi Industrial Park is October 7, 2017
  • Another 10 MW hybrid project is planned in Khost province
  • 5.5 MW Daykundi project deadline for tender submission is October 8, 2017

The National Procurement Authority (NPA) of Afghanistan has launched three hybrid on-grid solar power plant tenders with a cumulative capacity of 55.5 MW.

Project developers will need to provide design, supply and installation of these projects in various locations. The project with the largest capacity is a 40 MW hybrid plant at Hisar-e-Shahi Industrial Park. Last date to submit tender documents is October 7, 2017.

Another project with 10 MW capacity is planned in Khost province for which developers will have time until October 10, 2017 to submit their bids. The smallest capacity of 5.5 MW is planned in Daykundi province. Bids for this project can be submitted by October 8, 2017.

Further details about the projects can be found on the Afghan Ministry of Energy & Water’s  website.