AIKO Solar Launches Its First Bifacial Back-Contact Cell Modules

Chinese Manufacturer Launches Bifacial Back-Contact Module For Utility Segment With Up To 23.7% Efficiency

AIKO Solar Launches Its First Bifacial Back-Contact Cell Modules

AIKO Solar launches new Stellar series bifacial modules, expanding its ABC Series. (Photo Credit: AIKO Solar)

  • AIKO Solar launches a new bifacial back-contact module series with up to 70% bifaciality
  • The new all-back-contact (ABC) bifacial modules are mainly promoted for utility-scale projects
  • The power and efficiency range between 620 W and 640 W and 23.0 and 23.7% respectively

AIKO has recently made remarkable developments with its back contact ABC technology by tweaking the technology to bifacial. The company has gone ahead and introduced its Stellar series back-contact bifacial modules with a bifaciality of 70%, which is mainly promoted for mainstream utility and offshore applications such as floating PV.

The series consists of 2 models — Polaris and Sirius. The Polaris model’s power optimization technology for partial shading conditions addresses irregular irradiation issues due to limited and undulated lands. Also, the Sirius model’s high-resistance water encapsulation technology, anti-corrosion frames, and waterproof cap design ensure high resistivity against environmental loads like salt mist and high humidity.

The Stellar series for the utility segment complements AIKO’s existing Comet modules for commercial & industrial applications and the Neostar series for residential rooftop applications.

The new Stellar series offers 23.0% to 23.7% efficiency and a power output of 620 W to 640 W. The company also claimed that the new modules have achieved a temperature coefficient of -0.26%/℃ at maximum power. AIKO Solar is offering a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty for its new TÜV Süd certified bifacial back-contact modules. Under the 30-year performance warranty, the company is offering a degradation rate of less than 1.0% in the first year and no more than 0.35% per year in the following 29 years. AIKO Solar’s ABC cell technology, without front-side metallization, ensures the Stellar series module’s high-efficiency and full-black aesthetic look.

The new Stellar series modules will be available for orders in the European market from 2024.

AIKO Chairman Chen Gang stated, “The launch of our new bifacial module represents the latest milestone in our ABC innovation journey and our commitment to offer differentiated products for our customers.”

With a high mass production efficiency of 24%, AIKO Solar’s modules have topped TaiyangNews Top Solar Modules Listing for 9 months in a row (see Top Solar Modules Listing—November 2023).

AIKO’s Product Manager MA Jiayu recently discussed the ABC technology characteristics at TaiyangNews’ annual flagship event High Efficiency Solar Technologies on December 20, 2023. (see XBC & Next Gen: High Efficiency Solar Technologies Conference Day 4)

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