American Module Maker Touts New 720 W TOPCon Module

THORNOVA’s Vietnam Factory Launches TOPCon module with 23.2 % Maximum Efficiency

American Module Maker Touts New 720 W TOPCon Module

Utility scale module: THORNOVA recently unveiled its new G12 TOPCon cell technology based bifacial module for utility scale application. (Photo Credit: THORNOVA)

  • THORNOVA is offering its G12 TOPCon cell based 700 W+ module for the US utility scale market 
  • Both the models with same size are bifacial, although one is glass to glass, and another glass to backsheet  
  • The manufacturer is offering 15 years product and 30 years performance warranty for its TOPCon based modules 

US-headquartered solar module maker, THORNOVA has launched a new high power solar module in 2 new models for the US utility scale segment, based on TOPCon solar cell technology. The new additions have a maximum power and efficiency of 720 W and 23.2%, respectively. Having started from 2022, as a relatively new entrant in PV manufacturing, THORNOVA with its headquarters in California has a 1.5 GW module fabrication unit in Vietnam, albeit procuring cells from 3rd party.  

Taking advantage of 210 mm size or G12 TOPCon cell’s LID and LeTID free characteristics, the manufacturer has fabricated TS-BGT66-G12 and TS-BWT66-G12 series modules. The boron-oxygen pair free n-type TOPCon structure ensures minimum LID affected module performance from day 1 in the field, claims the company. The modules are stringed with TOPCon cells that have rear side passivation with hydrogenation treatment which is known to suppress defects like LeTID. Its cell with temperature coefficient of -0.29 %/°C enable efficient field performance of the modules in a variety of climates and operating temperature range of – 40 °C to 85 °C.  

Both bifacial models with common size of 2,384 x 1,303 x 35 mm have a power range of 695W to 720W, whereas TS-BGT66-G12 is dual glass and TS-BWT66-G12 is glass to transparent white mesh backsheet configured. The dual glass model with both sides 2 mm thick glass is 5 kg heavier than glasstobacksheet model with 3.2 mm thick front side glass. With large format TOPCon cells, all the models possess high open circuit voltage (Voc) of more than 46 V and short-circuit current (Isc) above 18 A, shares the manufacturer, capable of handling any utility scale plant with operating system voltage of 1.5 kV. THORNOVA is offering a 15year product and 30-year performance warranty for both the new TOPCon series modules. Thier annual linear degradation over 30 years is 0.4%, with a maximum degradation in the first year of 1.0%, according to the company.  

On the occasion of the launch of new module, CEO of Thornova Solar, William Sheng quoted “We plan to produce both cells and modules in the US in 2025, enabling buyers to take full advantage of US tax credits for solar modules with domestic content. With the rapid growth in solar power generation in the US, we aim to provide a strong, reliable US-based supply of modules that are optimally designed for utility-scale projects. 

Last year the company started its mass production from 1.5 GW factory. (see Thornova’s 1.5 GW Solar Module Factory Online)

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