• Argentina has announced it will officially launch Round 3 of its RenovAr program in October 2018; the round will be termed MiniRen
  • Total capacity on offer for renewable energy technologies is 400 MW, all of which needs to be connected to medium voltage networks of 13.2 kV, 33 kV and 66 kV
  • Solar PV and wind will compete for 350 MW with quotas for regions and provinces
  • Maximum capacity to bid for will be 10 MW per province, the minimum will be 0.5 MW

Argentina has announced Round 3 termed MiniRen of its RenovAr program, allocating 350 MW to solar PV and wind power technologies. The two will compete against each other with quotas for regions and provinces.

A total of 10 MW has been reserved for small hydro power projects, 25 MW for biomass, 10 MW for biogas, and 5 MW for landfill biogas, with no specific region. Maximum quota of 20 MW will apply per province, according to the government. Only Buenos Aires will get 60 MW.

Total capacity offered as part of MiniRen is 400 MW that needs to be connected to the medium voltage networks of 13.2 kV, 33 kV and 66 kV. Maximum capacity to bid for will be 10 MW, minimum 0.5 MW. No expansion of existing plants is allowed under MiniRen.

The government wants to use ‘available capacities in medium voltage networks’ with this tender round and promote regional development.

Sebastian Kind, Argentinian Undersecretary of Renewable Energy, made the announcement at the Argentina Wind Power 2018 Congress, organized by the Global Wind Energy Council. The announcement came quite some time before the official publication of the specifications in October 2018. Bids will be accepted as of March 2019. Actual contracts will be signed with the Electricity Wholesale Market Management Company SA (CAMMESA) in July 2019.

Previous rounds

Argentina is targeting 20% renewables in its energy mix by 2025. It launched RenovAr as a key tool to meet this target. During RenovAr Round 1 and RenovAr Round 1.5, it awarded a total capacity of 2,424 MW, out of which PV won 400 MW, and 516.2 MW, respectively (see Winners Announced For Argentina Tender).

During RenovAr Round 2, PV secured 556.8 MW out of 1.4 GW awarded (see $40.44/MWh Lowest PV Bid In Argentina).