Fancy BIPV Products From LONGi

LONGi Is Promoting 2 BIPV Solutions – A PV Integrated C&I Roof And A Curtain Wall Product Called LONGi BRIGHT

Fancy BIPV Products From LONGi

Robust solar roof: LONGi has come out with its first BIPV product that in addition to meeting the requirements of a typical roof, such as resistance against wind and hail and leak roofs, also comes with decent power characteristics. (Source: LONGi; Photo

  • LONGi Roof is a first BIPV product of the company is aimed at replacing the industrial roofs with PV integrated roofs
  • High reliability, efficiency, high external resistance, waterproof are a few highlighted averages of the roofing solutions of the company
  • LONGi Bright available in a wide range of colors (14 customizable standard colors)

BIPV seems to become increasingly attractive as market leading module manufacturers like LONGi have started to venture into development activities in this segment. The world’s largest vertically integrated solar module manufacturer has developed LONGi Roof, an integrated roof solution for C&I and a PV curtain wall called LONGi BRIGHT.

LONGi Roof: LONGi promotes its new LONGi Roof, its first bifacial product specifically designed for C&I roofs. The frameless glass-glass product, which comes with a STC power rating of 290 to 300 W, up to 20.57% module efficiency, was developed based on feedback from several C&I rooftop owners. The multi-layer roof panel and the PV power generation layer are connected with a silicone structural sealant. The product’s main characteristics are its safety, durability and efficiency in power generation. According to Jason Yang, senior product marketing manager, who spoke at the TaiyangNews Intersolar Munich Review Virtual Conference, the 6 main benefits are as follows:

  • Higher external resistance: Able to withstand 25 mm hail impact and static load of 5,400 Pa on front and 2,400 Pa on rear.
  • Strong wind resistance: Ultra-strong wind uplift resistant with a capacity of over 10,000 Pa.
  • Higher heat dissipation: Rapid heat dissipation can increase yield by 4%.
  • Greater waterproof capacity: The outer panel wave higher of 61 mm & high upright locked edge over wave height is able to prevent rainwater backflow.
  • Higher efficiency: Frameless module, no dust and hotspot free that ensure stable power generation.
  • Higher reliability: Passed fire test by national code GBB624 & Class A fire protection on top of regular IEC standards. LONGi says the PV roof can be stepped on, so there is no need to reserve maintenance channels.

LONGi BRIGHT:  The product has modern architectural aesthetics as well as a power generation feature. According to LONGi, the monocrystalline module at the core of the curtain walls has a 10 to 20% (relative) higher efficiency than industry standard BIPV products. This product line is available in a wide range of colors (14 customizable standard colors) and custom module sizes, which is 2,089 x 1,033 mm and varying thickness depending on the glass thickness (3.2 to 12 mm). The durable and compatible green building materials are also reliable, with the ability to withstand a maximum static load of 5,400 Pa on both the front and back, meet UL type 29 fireproofing grade, and have an IP rating of Class II. The high saturation color is long lasting and anti-glare, making the cell design invisible.



LONGi presented all modules during the TaiyangNews Intersolar Review conference (see LONGi presentation here).

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here.


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