‘Breakthrough’ For Jolywood’s TOPCon Solar Cell

China’s Jolywood Reports Up To 26.7% Laboratory TOPCon Cell Efficiency Using Its POPAID Technology

‘Breakthrough’ For Jolywood’s TOPCon Solar Cell

Jolywood says the 26.7% TOPCon cell efficiency was achieved using mass production equipment and materials in its production line. (Photo Credit: Jolywood)

  • Jolywood has reported achieving power conversion efficiency of 26.7% for its TOPCon cell
  • This laboratory efficiency has been achieved using the company’s self-developed POPAID technology
  • China’s National Institute of Metrology confirmed efficiency is higher than its previous high of 26.1% reported in November 2022
  • The manufacturer believes this gives it a clear technical direction for mass production efficiency improvement of TOPCon cells

Solar backsheet, cell and module manufacturer Jolywood has reported a laboratory power conversion efficiency of up to 26.7% for its n-type TOPCon solar cell that’s based on the company’s self-developed J-TOPCon 3.0 Plasma Oxidation and Plasma Assisted In-Situ Doping (POPAID) technology. This increases its former record efficiency by over half a percentage point.

Confirmed by China’s National Institute of Metrology (NIM), the cell uses M10 wafer size and was produced using mass-production equipment and mass production materials in its production line.

The POPAID technology helps overcome the shortcomings of similar doped amorphous silicon technologies, Jolywood explains. It has been further polished to successfully develop a number of cutting-edge technologies as impurity extraction in the silicon wafer body, local polysilicon layer, polysilicon film hydrogen content control, new metal damage repair and ultra-fine grid line printing, among others.

Jolywood says this points towards a clear technical direction the manufacturer needs to take for subsequent mass production efficiency improvement of TOPCon cells.

The higher efficiency of 26.7% beats the company’s own claim of 26.1% for its n-type single crystal passivated contact TOPCon cell in November 2022 (see China PV News Snippets).

During our recently concluded High Efficiency Solar Technologies Conference, Jolywood’s Ma Jiayu talked about the company’s POPAID route of producing TOPCon for utility scale applications (see Jolywood’s Product Manager Shared Their Proprietary Plasma Oxidation Process POPAID).

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