1 GW Solar PV Partnership Announced In Finland

Korkia’s Project Development Agreement With Solmar Consulting To Bring Online 1 GW Solar In Finland By 2027

1 GW Solar PV Partnership Announced In Finland

Korkia has made its maiden major investment in solar energy for home country Finland, through a 1 GW partnership with Solmar Consulting. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Anzay/Shutterstock.com)

  • Korkia and Solmar Consulting have announced 1 GW solar project development partnership in Finland
  • They plan to locate projects in Southern, Western and Southwestern Finland and commission these between 2025 and 2027
  • Altogether this 1 GW capacity is likely to generate 1 TWh annually, which is way more than 87,047 GWh the country counted as its total energy consumption in 2021

Renewable energy investor Korkia has signed up Solmar Consulting in Finland to develop 1 GW solar energy projects in the country aiming for this capacity to come online between 2025 to 2027, to generate more than 1 TWh annually, covering annual energy usage for some 52,600 electrically heated single-family homes.

In comparison, Finland’s total energy consumption in 2021 was 87,047 GWh—meaning 1.15% of 1 TWh that this 1 GW solar is expected to produce, states Korkia to make a point about the importance of the partnership’s goal.

The duo will locate these facilities in Southern, Western and Southwestern Finland, and ‘create conditions’ to build dozens of solar parks. They already have more than 20 projects in the pipeline with unit sizes varying between 40 MW to 100 MW.

One of the projects is currently underway in Kristiinankaupunki town. Future projects will ‘carefully investigate their effects on biodiversity of the locations’ to ensure these are efficient but also minimize possible harmful effect on the land areas.

“Despite the changing seasons, it pays to produce solar power in Finland as well, because the annual solar irradiance in Southern Finland, for example, is at the same level as in Central Europe,” said Solmar’s Executive Director Jari Marttinen. “We want to play a part in sustainable energy production, and I believe that utility-scale solar parks will play an important role in raising the self-sufficiency of Finnish electricity production.”

Korkia calls this its 1st major investment in solar energy on its home turf, even as it geographically expands to other European nations. Very recently, it announced 1 GW solar PV for mainland Greece and the Island of Crete through its funded partnerships GH Energy and AA Sunshine (see 1 GW Solar Partnership Announced For Greek PV Market).

Korkia’s total renewable energy project base now totals over 6 GW, spread across Great Britain, Canada, Spain and Sweden too.

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