40 MW Solar Plant For Belgian Airport

Ostend-Bruges Airport To Host Country’s ‘2nd Largest’ Solar Park For Self-Consumption

40 MW Solar Plant For Belgian Airport

An artist’s impression of how the 40 MW solar power capacity will look at Ostend-Bruges Airport in Belgium once installed. (Photo Credit: EnergyVision)

Belgian solar power company EnergyVision says it will set up what will be the ‘2nd largest’ solar park in Belgium with 40.05 MW capacity under phase I. It will be built on land owned by the Ostend-Bruges Airport, and the power generated will be used for self-consumption while the excess will be delivered to Antwerp Airport in Deurne as well as almost 10,000 local families.

The project will see around 66,200 ‘ultra-large’ solar panels with 605W output each, enough to generate close to 37,000 MWh annually, being installed ‘on and around’ the airport. The €35 million project will cover an area of 303,864 m² and help save 9,600 tons of carbon emissions annually.

Construction is planned to begin from September 2023. Energy storage may be added in the future.

EnergyVision is also inviting locals to invest in the project by providing an 8-year loan with a fixed annual interest rate of 5%. Citizens and small and medium enterprises will be able to buy solar power generated for a fixed tariff for a long term.

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