430 MW Solar & Wind Project for Mining in Zambia

Chariot & Total Eren To Co-Develop 430 MW Solar & Wind Facility For First Quantum Minerals

430 MW Solar & Wind Project for Mining in Zambia

FQM will have its Zambian mining operations in Zambia powered by a ‘groundbreaking’ solar project with 430 MW, to be developed by Total Eren and Chariot. Pictured is a 15 MW solar power plant of Total Eren in Burkina Faso. (Photo Credit: Total Eren)

  • Chariot and Total Eren will set up a 430 MW solar and wind power plant in Zambia
  • It will supply clean energy to FQM to power its mining operations in the African nation
  • Project is planned to enter construction in 2023 and will provide round-the-clock clean energy to FQM

Canada headquartered metals miner First Quantum Minerals (FQM) will have Chariot Limited and Total Eren develop a 430 MW solar and wind power facility in Zambia to deliver clean energy for its mining operations in the African nation.

FQM is an Africa focused copper, nickel, gold, cobalt and zinc producer and plans to source renewable energy to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% by 2025. This ‘groundbreaking’ project which will supply it clean energy for the Zambian mining operations for a competitive tariff, supports this aim.

According to the project partners, the combination of solar and wind energy resources will offer strong complementarity and power generation for the mining operations round-the-clock since solar will be generating power during the day and wind at night-time. The project is planned to enter construction in 2023.

“The project also represents a natural fit with Zambia’s hydropower resource seasonality; the project’s energy mix reaches its production peak during the dry season when the country is most exposed to droughts,” said Total Eren’s EVP and Global Head of Business Development, Fabienne Demol. “Increasing the share of renewables will improve the country’s carbon footprint and address current and future challenges related to climate change.”

Oil and gas power company Chariot Limited’s Chariot Transitional Power subsidiary aims to tap the market for clean energy supply to operational mines in Africa. Chariot joined hands with France’s Total Eren to co-develop wind and solar projects for mining clients in Africa (see Renewable Energy Projects For African Miners).

Solar power for mining operations is an interesting and economic proposition for miners in Africa as PV plants can be established in high off grid regions with high solar potential, without relying on expensive diesel generated power and on-grid power supply from fossil fuels which is already hard to come by in such far-off places.

Recently, British miner Anglo American entered a partnership with EDF Renewables to establish between 3 GW to 5 GW of solar and wind energy capacity for its operations in South Africa (see Up To 5 GW RE & Storage In South Africa).

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