Corning & EMC Join Hands To Explore Perovskite PV Panels

Joint Development Agreement Between Corning Incorporated & Energy Materials Corporation To Further Develop Roll-To-Roll Perovskite Solar Cell Printing On Glass Substrate

Corning & EMC Join Hands To Explore Perovskite PV Panels

Corning and EMC say they aim to jointly develop low-cost, high-performance perovskite solar panels and products. The two US companies have signed a joint development agreement for this purpose. (Photo Credit: Energy Materials Corporation/LinkedIn)

  • A JDA has been announced by Corning Incorporated and Energy Materials Corporation for solar PV manufacturing
  • Corning brings to the table its flexible ultra-thin Willow Glass to be used as a substrate for EMC to use its printing process for perovskite solar cell
  • Through this process, the two partners aim to provide an encapsulation barrier for the perovskite solar cell incorporated glass to enhance the product life

Two US technology companies are coming together to jointly develop low-cost, high-performance perovskite PV panels and products. The joint development agreement (JDA) was announced between Energy Materials Corporation (EMC) and Corning Incorporated.

Under the agreement, EMC will use its proprietary printing process on Corning’s roll-to-roll (R2R) processable flexible Willow Glass to paste perovskite solar panels. This, according to the two, will further develop high-speed, R2R printing of perovskite solar cells on flexible Corning Willow Glass.

“Roll-to-roll processable flexible Willow Glass is a uniquely tailored substrate for printed perovskite-based photovoltaic panels because of thermo-mechanical stability, optical clarity, surface quality, and excellent barrier property,” said Dr. Dipak Q. Chowdhury, division vice president and technology executive at the Corning Technology Center Korea in a brief announcement by both the companies.

Corning claims its ultra-thin, lightweight and bendable Willow Glass protects sensitive materials from moisture, oxygen and staining. EMC’s printing process will help provide an encapsulation barrier to improve product life, explained EMC CEO Dr Stephan DeLuca.

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