Endesa: 2 GW RE To Power 340 MW Electrolyzer Capacity

Endesa Proposes To Build 340 MW Electrolyzer Capacity Powered By 2 GW Renewable Energy In Spain To Produce Renewable Hydrogen

Endesa: 2 GW RE To Power 340 MW Electrolyzer Capacity

Endesa has put forward ambitious plans of renewable hydrogen from 340 MW electrolyzers which will be powered by 2 GW of renewable energy capacity in Spain costing an estimated €2.9 billion. (Photo Credit: Endesa Energia)

  • Endesa has proposed the Spanish government its plans to produce 26,000 tons of renewable hydrogen annually
  • It plans to develop 340 MW electrolyzer capacity to be powered by 2 GW of renewable energy
  • Projects will be spread across mainland Spain and the country’s island regions

Spanish electricity utility Endesa has revealed plans to develop up to 23 renewable hydrogen projects to be powered by 2 GW of solar and wind power capacity. Renewable Energy will be used to power 340 MW electrolyzer capacity to produce clean hydrogen. It has proposed these projects to the Spanish government.

Of the 340 MW electrolyzer capacity, 315 MW in the form of 8 projects will be developed in mainland Spain with 4 of these projects to be powered solely by solar PV technology, 1 project with solar and wind, and remaining with wind power.

Remaining 25 MW electrolyzer capacity will be developed in Canary Islands and Balearic Islands with 2 of the projects to be powered by solar PV, and another one with solar as well as wind.

It describes the most advanced projects of these as 100 MW electrolyzer capacity in As Pontes with 6 associated wind farms. This alone will contribute to generating 10,000 tons of green hydrogen out of total 26,000 tons expected from the entire 340 MW on annual basis.

Enel owned Endesa says it has put forward the proposal worth €2.9 billion ($3.5 billion) to be built as part of phase I of country’s Hydrogen Roadmap 2020-2024. It argues clean hydrogen will also lead to development of a national industry for the manufacturing of electrolyzers and capital goods, as well as further promote renewable energy.

“Endesa wants to show its clear commitment to green hydrogen as a key in the energy transition process and the decarbonization of the economy,” said Endesa’s General Director of Generation, Rafael Gonzalez. “These are objectives that we have been working on for years and that have marked our strategy of progressive replacement of thermal generation by renewable generation. The 23 green hydrogen projects that we are now presenting are associated with a renewable power capacity of almost 2,000 MW.”

Spain currently has several renewable hydrogen projects coming up with and among the latest ones is Naturgy and Enagas partnership to produce what they termed as the largest plant for green hydrogen production in Spain to produce 9,000 tons renewable hydrogen with 400 MW PV capacity powering 60 MW electrolyzer (see 400 MW Solar For Spanish Green Hydrogen Plant).

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