Fraunhofer ICT To Get PV Systems Without Inverters

BayWa’s ‘Innovative’ Grid Connected Solar PV, Wind & Battery Storage Hybrid System For Fraunhofer ICT Comes With One Common Inverter

Fraunhofer ICT To Get PV Systems Without Inverters

BayWa is building the innovative technically superior Fraunhofer ICT which it claims is unique in Europe in this form. (Photo Credit: Fraunhofer ICT)

  • Fraunhofer ICT’s site in Pfinztal is to be equipped with an innovative integrated energy project
  • BayWa will deploy 670 kW solar PV capacity on 3 rooftops and 1 open area on site with modules having no inverters of their own
  • These will be connected to the grid via an existing wind turbine and will also have an energy storage component
  • It is aimed at reducing costs and increase in efficiency due to fewer energy conversions

German renewable energy company BayWa is to install a ‘technically very sophisticated’ integrated energy project with a total output of 670 kW solar PV, connected with a wind turbine and battery energy storage, connected to the grid with a single inverter.

This ‘innovative system’ will have the solar PV arrays deployed on 3 roof areas and 1 open area. These will not have their own inverters, and will be connected to the power grid via an existing wind turbine.

The German company shares that the trio of solar PV, wind turbine and battery storage component are connected on the DC side with low losses and feed in with only 1 common inverter, instead of several separate ones.

BayWa says this increases efficiency through fewer energy conversions and reduces costs. Project, which is ‘unique in Europe in this form’ will be deployed for Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal, with construction scheduled to begin in Spring 2023.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution for renewable energies. Every customer has individual requirements, wishes and goals, which sometimes also require technically complex concepts that are unique on the market,” explained Stephan Auracher, BayWa re Power Solutions GmbH’s Managing Director. “This flagship project shows that our customers are also tackling these types of challenges with us and that we have the necessary prerequisites for the symbiosis of solar and wind energy plus battery storage for self-consumption to be successful.”

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