Hybrid Wind-Solar System For Mumbai Airport

Mumbai International Airport Exploring Possibility Of Wind Energy, With Solar Power

Hybrid Wind-Solar System For Mumbai Airport

WindStream Energy has installed its patented Hybrid SolarMill at the CSMIA in Mumbai (in the picture). If successful, the pilot project will pave the way for the airport to replicate it to increase its onsite renewable power generation. (Photo Credit: Mumbai International Airport Limited)

  • CSMIA has announced a 10 kW VAWT and solar PV hybrid system, installed by WindStream Energy
  • It is designed with a 2 kW TurboMill and 8 kW solar module system to generate 36 kWh per day
  • CSMIA sees this pilot project helping it reduce dependence on conventional electricity

With an aim to reduce its dependence on conventional electricity, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) in Mumbai, managed by an Adani Group subsidiary, has launched a 10 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) and solar PV hybrid, becoming the 1st Indian airport to install such a system.

The Hybrid SolarMill system comprises a 2 kW TurboMill and 8 kW solar PV modules. Together, the system will generate 36 kWh per day, 13,140 kWh per year for 25 years. The hybrid system is patented by WindStream Energy Technologies India that has developed this hybrid renewable energy product.

“The energy generated through this technology can be customized on a need-specific basis. Due to its modular and scalable size, it’s easy to mount the technology on any mobile or static rooftop,” explained CSMIA. “This technology is a vital step in deploying a solution at the airport that is renewable, clean, green, environment-friendly, bird-friendly, and a silent solution with a 25-year design life.”

CSMIA already has onsite solar power system that generated 5.6 million units in FY 21-22, and used another 3.94 million units of wind power, bringing down its CO2 emissions. Results of the hybrid system will help it replicate the project to increase onsite renewable power generation in the coming years, it added.

A joint effort by CSMIA and WindStream, this pilot program is aimed at generating low carbon energy for aviation industry, enabling the former in its efforts to become a net zero emitter by 2029.

The City of Mumbai has recently declared its plans to become a net zero city by 2050, becoming the 1st city in South Asia to have such a target.

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