Lisarb Energy Expands To Europe With 1 GW RE

UK IPP Plans 1 GW Solar, Wind, Marine & Hydrogen Projects Europe With 1 GW

Lisarb Energy Expands To Europe With 1 GW RE

Lisarb Energy expects to enter into corporate PPAs in Europe for its renewable energy facilities which it says will help it support companies meet their ESG targets. (Photo Credit: Lisarb Energy)

  • Lisarb Energy will be expanding to European renewable energy market, moving beyond Brazil where it is currently focused
  • It aims to develop 1 GW of new renewable energy capacity by 2023 comprising solar, wind, marine and hydrogen projects
  • Portugal is one of the starting points for this European expansion; the team will be led by new Head of Europe, António Loureiro

UK headquartered and Brazil focused renewable energy company Lisarb Energy has announced plans to expand into Europe, targeting to develop 1 GW of solar, wind, marine and hydrogen projects by the year 2023.

It plans to start with Portugal whose capital Lisbon will act as the base of its European operations headed by the new Head of Europe, António Loureiro.

“Like other European countries, Portugal has a national energy plan and a roadmap to achieve cost effective carbon neutrality by 2050 and has also pledged that at least 80% of its electricity will be from renewables,” said Loureiro. “I look forward to working with the team as we roll out renewable energy projects across Portugal and other European countries, helping to meet their decarbonization plans.”

Back in Brazil, Lisarb says it is one of the fastest growing solar developers that also finances, constructs and manages its portfolio of utility scale and distributed energy assets. A proponent of corporate power purchase agreements (PPA), Lisarb believes this move of the company into Europe will enable it to support even more companies who are looking to accelerate their ESG agenda with help from sustainable technologies.

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