NTPC Targeting 60 GW Renewables Capacity By 2032

NTPC Ups Renewables Target For 2032 To Install 60 GW Capacity As Its Energy Compact Goals At UN High-Level Dialogue On Energy 2021

NTPC Targeting 60 GW Renewables Capacity By 2032

India’s National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has upped its renewable energy capacity target from 32 GW by 2032, to now eying for 60 GW by the same year.

  • NTPC has revised its renewables target for the year 2032, aiming now to reach for 60 GW capacity
  • It plans to also form at least 2 global alliances for clean energy research by 2025
  • The company wants to report 10% reduction in net energy intensity by 2032

Indian state-owned national electricity company National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has pledged to have its renewable energy capacity expand to a total of 60 GW by 2032, up from the previous target of a minimum of 32 GW, which would have represented 25% renewables capacity in its portfolio (see NTPC Aims At 32 GW Renewables Capacity).

It announced this target at the United Nations (UN) event High-Level Dialogue on Energy (HLDE) 2021 during Ministerial Thematic Forums session held on June 24, 2021. For this year, India has been selected as a Global Theme Champion for Energy Transition.

As part of its revised commitment, NTPC said it will aim to bring down its net energy intensity by 10% by 2032. The utility said it will also form at least 2 international alliances or groups to facilitate clean energy research and promote sustainability in energy value chain by 2025.

Currently, NTPC has an installed power generation capacity of 65.81 GW, according to the company’s website. It comprises 1.9 GW of renewables capacity. It is also exploring green hydrogen space.

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