PacifiCorp Aims For 5.6 GW+ New Solar By 2040

PacifiCorp Submits 2021 IRP To Oregon State Utility Commissions; Plan Over 5.6 GW New Solar Capacity, Mostly Paired With Storage To Come Online By 2040; Coal Retirement On Track; Nuclear Enters Picture

PacifiCorp Aims For 5.6 GW+ New Solar By 2040

PacifiCorp’s 2021 IRP proposed states 1.302 GW of new solar by the end of 2024, and 1.902 GW by the end of 2026. By 2040, its preferred portfolio includes more than 5.6 GW of new solar co-located with storage. (Source: PacifiCorp)

  • 2021 IRP of PacifiCorp lays a great deal of stress on clean energy capacity with more than 5.6 GW of solar power capacity planned
  • Another 6.181 GW of storage will have battery storage co-located with solar
  • It has planned to divest stake from coal power generation, and would bring in nuclear power

A Berkshire Hathaway Energy subsidiary and electricity supplier in the US, PacifiCorp has updated its 2021 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) that includes a major focus on renewables with the addition of 5.628 GW of new solar power capacity out of which most will be paired with storage.

Along with this, the 2021 IRP includes 3.628 GW of new wind resources, 6.181 GW of storage including battery storage co-located with solar, standalone battery storage and pumped hydro storage resources, and 4.29 GW of energy efficiency programs. The plan also includes 500 MW of advanced nuclear demonstration project in 2028, and an additional 1 GW of advanced nuclear over the long-term.

Plan does not include any new gas or coal capacity additions, and sets the utility on course to ensure 14 out of 22 currently operational coal units to be retired by 2030, a number that will go up to 19 by 2040. Natural gas facilities with a combined capacity of 1.554 GW will be retired through 2040. The utility does plan to seek permission for natural gas conversion of Jim Bridger units 1 and 2 by 2024.

The company has specified that this plan is incremental to projects already online and projects with executed agreements that will come online through 2023.

It believes these measures will enable it to achieve 74% reduction of GHG emissions from 2005 levels by 2030, compared to the 2019 plan when it envisioned 59% reduction by 2030 (see Massive Solar & Wind Capacity In PacifiCorp Draft IRP).

It further sees the GHG emissions coming further down to a total of 98% by 2050 as it continues clean energy transition through acquisition and foundational transmission investments identified in the plan. Complete 2021 IRP of PacifiCorp is available to view on its website and has been submitted to the Oregon state’s 6 utility commissions.

“Our Integrated Resource Plan is designed to determine the lowest-cost options for customers, adjusting for risks, future customer needs, system reliability, market projections, and changing technology,” said Vice President of Resource Planning and Acquisitions for PacifiCorp, Rick Link.

In June 2021, PacifiCorp shortlisted 19 projects with 3.25 GW new low-cost clean energy generation capacity in response to its 4.3 GW renewables request for proposals (RFP) launched. The shortlisted capacity includes 1.243 GW of solar PV (see North America PV Snippets: New Jersey, ISS, PacifiCorp).

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