Qair Seeking To Develop 500 MW PV In Italy

French Renewable Energy Company Qair Shares Plans To Develop 500 MW Solar PV Project Capacity In Italy To ‘Consolidate’ 1 GW Portfolio; Soltec & Aquila Capital To Co-Develop 750 MW PV In Italy

Qair Seeking To Develop 500 MW PV In Italy

Qair is focusing on Italian renewable energy market to strengthen its presence in the European country announcing plans to develop 1 GW solar power capacity in the market, starting with an initial 500 MW to be installed by 2025. (Photo Credit: Qair)

  • Qair says it is finalizing authorization of applications for 500 MW solar project capacity in Italy
  • Projects will come up in South-East of Sicily and part of 1 GW capacity the company says it has under examination in the country
  • According to Qair, this 1 GW capacity will generate enough clean energy to cater to more than 500,000 households
  • Soltec and Aquila Capital recently announced an agreement for up to 750 MW solar in Italy

Independent renewable energy power producer (IPP) Qair has revealed plans for solar power generation in Italy. In a brief statement, Qair said it is finalizing authorization of applications for 500 MW of solar projects in the European nation.

The projects are planned to be located in South-East of Sicily allowing the company to consolidate a portfolio of 1 GW of projects it has under examination in Italy, enabling the French company to ‘position itself as a major player in renewable energies in Italy’. This 1 GW when realized will generate enough clean power to be supplied to over 500,000 households.

Qair’s Director in Italy, Emmanuel Macqueron said, “Our objective is to complete our first financing and to build our projects in 2022, in order to reach 500 MW of installed capacity in 2025.”

Previously known as Quadran and Lucia Holding, Qair is working on a 200 kW floating solar power plant in Tunisia expected to be commissioned in late 2021 (see 200 kW Floating Solar Project In Tunisia).

Though not among the Top 5 in Europe – and still under 1 GW solar demand per year, Italy seems to become hot on the agenda of solar power companies. During late December 2020, Soltec’s Powertis announced an agreement with Aquila Capital to develop up to 750 MW solar PV capacity in Italy. Under the agreement, Powertis will transfer 51% stake in a 10-project package of 249 MW to Aquila holding on to remaining 49% share until the projects reach ready-to-build (RTB) or commercial operation status. Aquila said it has entered into a call option for the remaining 49% that it can exercise either during RTB stage or when the projects reach commercial operations. Soltec gets to provide EPC services as well as its own trackers for this capacity.

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