RENA Joins Hands With Kredence In India

RENA To Supply Additive For Alkaline Solar Cell Texturing In India Through Kredence

RENA Joins Hands With Kredence In India

Using Kredence Performance facilities in India, RENA says it gets a ready manufacturing base to expand its reach in Indian solar PV market. (Photo Credit: RENA Technologies GmbH)

  • Kredence Performance Materials to offer its production facilities in India to RENA Technologies
  • They plan to supply RENA’s monoTEX additive for alkaline solar cell texturing to the growing domestic solar market of India
  • With this partnership, the partners expect to create a local supply chain within India that’s cushioned against current market disruptions

Leading supplier of production equipment for wet chemical surface treatment RENA Technologies GmbH of Germany has found a local production partner in India in the form of Kredence Performance Materials India to supply additive for alkaline solar cell texturing.

Kredence, a wet-chemistry solution provider to the solar PV industry, will provide its production facilities in India to RENA. The partners will together offer the latest version of RENA monoTEX to domestic users which will enable a ‘fast and stable supply chain to PV customers’.

For the German company, this alliance provides it a ready manufacturing base to expand its reach in the growing market of India as the federal government promotes integrated domestic PV manufacturing.

“Delivery from Kredence India production site to Indian customers not only ensures a swift transport to customers. It is avoiding hold-ups presently occurring in supply chain and transportation of all sorts of materials worldwide,” said Managing Director of Kredence, Bharat Bhatnagar.

The company believes this partnership will strengthen its position as a tier 1 and top quality supplier of chemicals and materials for PV production in India. To cater to the growing demand for solar PV, Kredence is looking to serve 15 GW to 17 GW requirement of wet chemistry in the next 3 years to 4 years.

“We are also preparing for the expected fast growth of the PV industry in India with its focus on monocrystalline silicon,” added Bhatnagar.

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