Renewables For UN Peacekeeping Missions

IRENA To Help United Nations Increase Renewable Energy Share Of Nations Hosting Peacekeeping Missions & Mobilize Private Investment

Renewables For UN Peacekeeping Missions

  • IRENA and UN have signed a MoU to cooperate on increasing renewable energy generation in the latter’s peacekeeping missions
  • Nations that host UN’s peacekeeping missions will be able to get technical and regulatory guidance to incorporate more of renewables in their electricity generation
  • IRENA will also work to mobilize private sector investments in such nations by identifying suitable opportunities with the UN

In order to reduce its environmental footprint, the United Nations (UN) has entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to help nations that host UN’s peacekeeping missions boost their renewable energy.

Specifically, with the help of IRENA the UN will work with such countries to identify their regulatory and technical measures that can help them increase their renewable energy share. IRENA said under the MoU it will engage with private sector to mobilize investment to these countries.

Both the signatories believe this would create opportunities for peacekeeping missions to source energy from host country generated renewables in locations wherever possible. Currently at several places, peacekeeping missions are reliant on diesel-power generation, presenting a daily logistics and security challenge. Switching to renewable energy will bring in easy energy access, while also providing socioeconomic benefits to the region.

“While an energy system underpinned by renewables is key to decarbonizing our world in line with climate goals, the abundance of renewables empowers governments and citizens, bringing them energy security, economic opportunity and social equity,” said IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera. “Under this agreement, our two organizations will seek to make this future a reality in host countries as they rebuild.”

Clean energy through renewable technologies as solar PV are helping nations in conflict regions and refugees get access to electricity without relying on grid generated power, as some projects have already shown (see Pilot Solar Project For Clean Energy In Gaza Strip).

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