Rolls-Royce Invests In Decentralized Solar Service Provider

Sub-Saharan Focused Off-Grid Energy Start-Up From Germany, Kowry Energy Gets Rolls-Royce Power Systems As Investor & Equity Partner

Rolls-Royce Invests In Decentralized Solar Service Provider

Kowry Energy targets to launch into Mali and Nigeria in 2021 with its decentralized solar and storage energy solution, and plans to expand further to other Sub-Saharan regions. (Photo Credit: Kowry Energy)

  • Kowry Energy of Germany has secured investment from Rolls-Royce Power Systems
  • It will cater to Sub-Saharan commercial and industrial clients, along with municipalities with solar and storage systems
  • Kowry Energy claims to have a project pipeline worth $17 million and is expecting to grow further

Germany headquartered high-speed engine manufacturer for heavy duty transport, Rolls-Royce Power Systems is investing an unidentified amount in Kowry Energy, a local energy start-up with Sub-Saharan Africa focus.

Kowry Energy is a decentralized energy solutions provider of fully integrated hybrid solutions comprising small-scale solar power systems with storage component. The investment from Rolls Royce will enable the start-up supply these systems to cater to electricity demand of customers for up to 1 MW capacity, while handling project development, design up to commissioning stage.

The start-up said it will equip local, independent energy companies with decentralized energy systems in order to provide municipalities and local industry with reliable access to clean energy, going forward.

Founder of Kowry Energy, Ndiarka Mbodji said her company has a project pipeline worth $17 million and is growing rapidly. This year, the company will launch in Mali and Nigeria with plans to expand to other Sub-Saharan regions.

For Rolls-Royce Power Systems, part of the British Rolls-Royce Group, the investment helps it get closer to achieving net zero GHG emission target in its operations by 2030.

“The African market for decentralized energy supply offers great potential. The geographical conditions provide an opportunity to build a climate-friendly, local power supply for industrial and community customers that operates with minimum use of fossil fuels,” said Power Systems CEO Louise Öfverström who has also joined on Kowry Energy’s board along with former British Africa Minister Lord Bellingham and Chairman of German-Africa Business Association Prof. Dr. Stefan Liebing.

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