Solar Energy Kits Sales Up 20% YoY In H2/2022

GOGLA Says Off-Grid Solar Helped Avoid 98 Million MT Carbon Emissions In Past Decade

Solar Energy Kits Sales Up 20% YoY In H2/2022

GOGLA’s report counts 104 million people globally to have secured improved energy access through off-grid solar energy kits from its affiliates. (Photo Credit: GOGLA)

  • GOGLA’s new report says in H2/2022, 5.2 million solar energy kits were sold with a 20% increase from H1/2022
  • PAYGO sales improved 33% and exceeded 2 million units sold, while SHS sales increased by 68%
  • Led by Kenya and Nigeria, solar water pump sales went up by 63%, but sales of fans dropped due to seasonal sales fluctuations
  • While these numbers show recovery from COVID-19 impacted 2020 and 2021, there is still a lot to be done to meet SDG7 goal

Sale of off-grid solar solutions over the past decade has helped avoid 98 million metric ton (MT) of carbon emissions which is equivalent of taking 26 coal-fired power plants offline for a year, yet to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 7, further expansion is required, says Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA).

For its H2/2022 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, produced in collaboration with the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global program and the Efficiency for Access Coalition, GOGLA says so far 104 million people globally have secured improved energy access through off-grid solar energy kits from its affiliates.

Between July 2022 and December 2022, 5.2 million solar energy kits were sold reflecting a 20% increase from H1/2022, and 18% higher than the previous peak in H2/2019.

There was an increase of 33% in PAYGO sales that exceeded 2 million units for the 1st time in H2/2022, while solar home systems (SHS) recorded 68% growth in sales. The latter had the highest sales in all product categories covered by the report, thanks mainly to the Nigerian market.

Increased sales of larger SHS in markets like Kenya and Nigeria led to TV sales growing by 28%, whereas global refrigeration unit sales grew by 68% after low sales volumes were reported for this segment in the last 2 semi-annual results.

Solar water pump sales, mainly due to Kenya and Nigeria, went up by 63%, but that of fans dropped compared to H1/2022 which the analysts attribute to seasonal sales fluctuations.

The report has collected data from leading off-grid companies that GOGLA says represents around 28% of the overall off-grid solar market. These figures, it explains, shows ‘clear signs of recovery’ in 2022 in terms of increased number of beneficiaries after COVID-19 impacted sales in 2020 and 2021.

However, to reach SDG7 and optimize the productive use of energy (PUE), sales of solar energy kits and PUE technologies still need to accelerate rapidly. More than 700 million people still live without electricity access, 40% of whom live in markets with only nascent off-grid solar markets,” stated GOGLA.

Earlier in April 2023, GOGLA said the world still needs €23.3 billion investment to achieve the goal of clean, modern electricity for all under SDG7 despite global investments having grown by 63% in off-grid solar in 2022 (see Global Off-Grid Solar Investment Grew 63% YoY).

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