Tender For Hybrid Mini-Grids In Africa’s Mozambique

Belgian Development Agency Enabel Launches Expression Of Interest For Construction Of 5 Solar Hybrid Mini-Grids In Mozambique

Tender For Hybrid Mini-Grids In Africa’s Mozambique

Enabel said the 5 hybrid mini-grids with solar and storage will be located in Milhana, Muite, Alto, Idugo and Mugulama villages of Zambezia and Nampula provinces of Mozambique. (Source: Enabel)

  • Enabel is seeking interested EPC companies to set up 5 hybrid mini-grids in Mozambique
  • These will be accompanied by storage system, and backup diesel generator
  • All mini grids will be located in 5 villages of Zambezia and Nampula provinces

Enabel, the Belgian development agency, has solicited interest from EPC contractors to build 5 hybrid mini-grid projects, combining a solar PV system, storage, inverters, and diesel generator in Zambezia and Nampula provinces of Mozambique in Africa.

The mini-grids will be located in Milhana, Muite, Alto, Idugo and Mugulama villages, having solar PV system capacity ranging between 75 kW to 230 kW for the PV system, 45 kVA to 120 kVA for backup diesel generator, and 445 kWh to 1,330 kWh of nominal storage capacity.

Each mini-grid must also have an office for technicians, water supply system to clean the system, electrical distribution network and a prepaid energy sale system, including meters.

Broad scope of work as defined in the expression of interest (EOI) involves design, procurement and construction of these 5 projects under 3 clusters.

According to a tender document available on Enabel’s website, the last date for submission of applications is May 4, 2021.

This EOI will be followed by shortlisted companies to submit proposals, which will be the base for selecting the winners.

Enabel said the Government of Mozambique has received a grant from the Belgian government towards the cost of Renewable Energy for Rural Development Program (RERD II), to be implemented by it along with FUNAE Energy Fund. These 5 projects are part of the plan. Both Enabel and FUNAE carried out a summary survey for the projects with an aim to electrify the villages.

In May 2020, FUNAE Mozambique launched a solicitation drive to seek interested consultants to conduct feasibility studies for solar PV mini-grids funded by the World Bank (see Mozambique Planning 11 PV Mini Grids).

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