US Solar Backsheet Maker Expanding Capacity

Endurans Solar Scouting Locations For New Manufacturing Plant To Accommodate Anticipated Demand

US Solar Backsheet Maker Expanding Capacity

Endurans Solar, previously part of the Dutch multinational Royal DSM and now under Worthen Industries, is expanding capacity in the US to cater to local and overseas clients. (Photo Credit: Endurans Solar)

  • Endurans Solar has announced plans to expand its US manufacturing capacity by an undisclosed capacity
  • It is currently in the process of finalizing a suitable location which is scheduled to come online in mid-2023
  • Having a local supply chain of backsheets will lead of substantial cost savings from import duties and shorter delivery timeline

Anticipating demand from the proliferation of solar overseas and the US clearing Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA), US headquartered solar PV backsheet supplier Endurans Solar plans to expand its US manufacturing capacity and is scouting locations for a new production plant.

The company does not specify the annual production capacity the new plant will host but says it will target to bring it online in mid-2023. It is currently finalizing site selection. Having an enhanced production capacity within the US will also lead to shorter supply duration thereby creating a lower CO2, and substantial cost savings from import duties, it added.

“We’re excited that many more millions of solar panels will be manufactured and installed in the US over the coming years, and we look forward to supporting the growth of US solar panel manufacturers with our high-performance, sustainable and made-in-America backsheets,” said Endurans Solar President Nathan Arbitman.

Endurans produces HP backsheet using a lamination-free, co-extrusion process based on a proprietary novel material stack. It is made with Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances- (PFAS) free, fully recyclable polyolefin formulations and claims to have up to a 30% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional products.

The company was sold by Dutch multinational Royal DSM to US based polymer technologies company Worthen Industries June 2021 (see Endurans Solar Starts Selling DSM’s Backsheets).

For details on backsheet technology, please check our Market Survey on Backsheets & Encapsulants (see TaiyangNews Backsheets & Encapsulation)

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