Zambian RE Supplier Seeking Solar Power

GreenCo Seeking Developers For Solar Power Plant With 10 MW To 40 MW AC Capacity As Independent Power Producer Project In Zambia

Zambian RE Supplier Seeking Solar Power

GreenCo said the solar power plant to be set up as an IPP will be a pilot project in Zambia and will come up to take advantage of the new open access regime introduced here. (Photo Credit: African Development Bank)

  • GreenCo has launched a RFQ to seek interested developers for a 10 MW AC to 40 MW AC capacity solar power plant
  • It will enter into a long term PPA acting as an offtaker for power generated from the project
  • GreenCo will then sell this power to interested large consumers and utilities, and regional competitive markets
  • It has also sought expression of interest from consumers with over 5 GWh annual power requirement, to buy renewable energy from GreenCo

Zambian renewable energy procurer GreenCo Power Services Limited has launched a request for qualification (RFQ) round to source up to 80 GWh solar power annually from a project with 10 MW AC to 40 MW AC capacity. This project, acting as an independent power producer (IPP) plant, will enter into a long term power purchase agreement (PPA) with GreenCo.

Power procured by GreenCo will be allocated to a mix of large consumers and utilities in Zambia, along with regional competitive markets, explained the company. Companies shortlisted in the RFQ round will be followed by a request for proposals (RFP) round.

A subsidiary of Africa GreenCo Group, GreenCo is seeking interest from power developers through this RFQ for what it terms will be a pilot project in Zambia, the first one to take advantage of the new open access regime introduced by the government under the country’s Electricity Act 2019 and the Energy Regulation Act 2019. The government aims to make Zambia’s energy sector a ‘multi buyer’ market from a ‘single buyer’ market.

It will be a demonstration project that can act as a ‘pathfinder’ for future IPPs in Zambia and rest of Africa where, GreenCo pointed out, similar regulatory changes are being introduced. GreenCo said this project will be the 1st project in its initial 80 MW to 90 MW portfolio. It expects the project to enter construction in H2/2021.

Last date for interested developers to respond to this call is March 21, 2021, according to the tender call on the company’s website.  

Additionally, GreenCo has also invited large energy consumers and utilities to express interest with over 5 GWh annual power requirement in buying renewable energy from the company, in excess of 5 GWh annually. “Direct interaction with the market will assist us in understanding the nature and quantum of demand profiles and in devising models for the supply of renewable power,” explained the company.

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