Canadian Province Offers Rebates To Promote Solar

Nova Scotia Government In Canada To Offer CAD 5.5 Million For Solar Homes Program To Encourage Home Owners To Install Solar Panels

Canadian Province Offers Rebates To Promote Solar

The Provincial Government of Nova Scotia in Canada will be spending close to CAD 18 million ($14 million) from the Green Fund to support renewable energy deployment, energy efficiency and youth partnerships. From this intended amount, CAD 5.5 million ($4.29 million) will be offered as rebates to homesowners interested in installing solar panels, under the Solar Homes Program. This money will be distributed over 2 years.

The Solar Homes Program is administered by Efficiency Nova Scotia that in turn is operated by independent non-profit organization EfficiencyOne. The program was launched in August 2018 (see Canadian Province Launches SolarHomes Program).

The remaining amount will be distributed as CAD 6.7 million ($5.2 million) for Affordable Multi-Family Housing Program over the next 3 years to incentivize for energy efficiency upgrades. Another CAD 3.5 million ($2.7 million) has been pledged for Small Business and Not-For-Profit Energy Solutions Program also for energy efficiency upgrades, and the  remaining CAD 2 million ($1.56 million) over 5 years to allow youth interns to work on climate change projects across the province under Clean Leadership Program.

These measures will save the denizens approximately CAD 1.8 million ($1.4 million) annually on their energy bills, it added. “The Green Fund is meant to help fight climate change in our province, and these projects will do that,” said Environment Minister Gordon Wilson.

Nova Scotia collects Green Fund through its cap-and-trade auctions, held twice in 2020 generating CAD 28.7 million for the fund. The government said there is CAD 9.2 million remaining in the Green Fund for future projects. Through the Green Fund, Nova Scotia aims to reduce GHG emissions by over 6,000 tons annually,

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