China Produced 122,000 Ton Polysilicon In 4M/2022

China’s MIIT Says Country Shipped 22.9 GW Worth Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules

China Produced 122,000 Ton Polysilicon In 4M/2022

MIIT’s latest figures show the country produced over 44 GW of crystalline silicon solar cells and 49 GW of silicon wafers, but exported only 4.1 GW and 3.7 GW respectively during 4M/2022 showing strong domestic consumption. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Bjoern Wylezich/

  • China’s crystalline silicon solar cell capacity in 4M/2022 added up to more than 44 GW
  • Average price of monocrystalline silicon PERC M6 cells was RMB 1.10 per W and for M10 it was RMB 1.15 per W
  • It produced 31 GW of solar PV inverters and 49 GW of silicon wafers during the reporting period

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China counts the country to have produced more than 44 GW of crystalline silicon solar cell capacity, reflecting a 12.8% MoM increase, and exported only 4.1 GW reflecting strong local consumption from module makers at national level in 4M/2022.

The ministry counts average prices of monocrystalline PERC M6 cells during January 2022 and April 2022 as RMB 1.10 per W and that of M10 cells was RMB 1.15 per W. As for crystalline silicon modules, the national export size was 22.9 GW.

China also rolled out 31 GW worth of solar PV inverter capacity during the reporting period.

For silicon wafers, the country’s national output during the period was about 49 GW, but the export level was only 3.7 GW.

The ministry has also released polysilicon production capacity as adding up to 122,000 tons. In March 2022, its average price was RMB 243 per kg and increased to RMB 247 per kg in April 2022. It notes that supply and demand of some industrial chains remains relatively tight still, and that prices of related products in the PV market remains at a high level.

“From March to April 2022, the overall operation of the country’s photovoltaic industry will be stable, and the main links of the industry chain will maintain a growth trend,” added MIIT.

During Q1/2022, MIIT had previously stated that the country’s cumulative output of PV rolled glass was 2.991 MT and industrial silicon production was 664,000 tons as demand from solar PV industry grew (see China’s Q1/2022 PV Rolled Glass & Silicon Output).

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