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JinkoSolar To Ship 110 MW Solar Panels For Israel PV Projects & More From Zhonghuan Semiconductor, Kibing, Qingdao Gaoce

China PV News Snippets

JinkoSolar to ship 110 MW of Tiger Neo solar panels, which have a degradation rate of only 0.1% for the initial year, to Israel for ground mounted projects. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

JinkoSolar to ship Tiger Neo panels to Israel; Zhonghuan Semiconductor inks deal for silicon materials; Kibing to construct several new PV glass lines; Qingdao Gaoce to invest in multi GW PV project; Hangzhou First to increase production capacity of PV film

JinkoSolar to Ship 110 MW solar panels for Israel PV projects: Module supplier JinkoSolar announced that it will be shipping 110 MW of Tiger Neo solar panels for PV ground mounted projects in Israel. JinkoSolar n-type TOPCon module is advertised to have a degradation rate of 0.1% for the initial year, half of that of P-PERC panels, and 0.4% per annum after the first year versus 0.55% for P-PERC counterparts. In Dec. 2021, JinkoSolar presented its Tiger Neo N-type TOPCon module at a TaiyangNews conference (see JinkoSolar introduced Tiger Neo N-type TOPCon module)

Zhonghuan Semiconductor invest in large polysilicon factory: In an announcement, Chinese leading solar wafer manufacturer Zhonghuan Semiconductor said that together with TCL Technology it has signed a cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the People’s Government of Hohhot City respectively. As per the agreement, the planning and construction would include these projects:

  • High-purity polysilicon project with a total production capacity of about 120,000 tons
  • Semiconductor monocrystalline silicon materials and supporting projects
  • National silicon material research and development center project

The total investment for these projects will be about RMB 20.6 billion ($3.23 billion)

Kibing to invest RMB 5.1 billion in PV glass production lines: Solar glass manufacturer Kibing Group has annoucned  plans to invest in the construction of four 1200t/d photovoltaic glass production lines in Zhaotong City. The total planned investment of the project is about RMB 5.1 billion ($0.80 billion), and the project will be constructed in stages.  In another development, it shared plans of further expanding the scale of photovoltaic investment in Dongshan County. Here, it plans to invest in a new 1200t/d photovoltaic glass production line (Phase II) with an investment of about RMB 1.1 billion ($0.17 billion).

Qingdao Gaoce’s 10 GW wafer project settled in Yancheng: Wire sawing machine producer Qingdao Gaoce Technology said it has signed an investment agreement with the Management Committee of Jianhu High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Jiangsu Province, wherein the company will invest in the construction of the Jianhu (Phase II) 10 GW photovoltaic large silicon wafer project. The total investment of this project is estimated to be RMB 700 million ($109.9 million) and each phase will see the development of 5 GW large wafer slicing capacity. The project is expected to be put into operation in two phases in 2023 and 2024.

Hangzhou First to increase production capacity of PV packaging materials: Disclosing data of the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, solar module encapsulation and backsheets material company Hangzhou First said that 967.7 million m2 of photovoltaic film were sold in 2021 for RMB 11.5 billion ($1.81 billion); and 68,221,400 m2 of photovoltaic backsheets were sold for RMB 725 million ($113.83 million). Now the company plans to increase the production capacity of photovoltaic film by 300 to 400 million m2 and the production capacity of solar backsheets by 60 million m2 this year.


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