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Sungrow Signs 150 MW Deal & More From JA Solar, Canadian Solar, CECEP, Shuangliang Eco-Energy

China PV News Snippets

With Sungrow signing a 150 MW deal with renewable energy wholesale distributor Raystech, the solar PV inverter will make best use of Raystech’s extensive sales and service network and large customer base to enhance its brand influences and penetrate into more segments in the Australian and New Zealand market. (Photo Credit: Sungrow)

Sungrow signs 150 MW deal and initiates distribution in Australia; JA Solar produces first cell of its 3.5 GW project in Vietnam; Canadian Solar enters utility scale energy storage market in UK; CECEP Solar feels TOPcon to dominate the next 2-3 years; Shuangliang & Hualu get into a sales deal.

Sungrow signs 150 MW distribution deal with Raystech: Solar PV inverter supplier Sungrow announced that it has signed a 150 MW distribution contract of PV inverter and ESS with Raystech to kick start their distribution in the Australian market. Raystech Group is an international brand in renewable energy wholesale distribution in Australia and New Zealand. With this deal, Sungrow will make the best use of Raystech’s extensive sales and service network and large customer base to enhance its brand influences and penetrate into more segments in the Australian and New Zealand market. Through the initial 150 MW sales contract, Sungrow will provide its high-quality residential and C&I inverters and ESS, such as the most popular hybrid inverter SH5.0RS, SBR batteries, and the updated commercial inverter SG125XC-P2. Few days ago, Sungrow had signed a 2 GW distribution deal with Soalr Juice (see China PV News Snippets)

JA Solar’s 3.5 GW cell project in Vietnam put into operation: The first cell of the 3.5 GW high-efficiency solar cell project of JA Solar’s Vietnam base has been successfully produced, the company said in an announcement. This marks the realization of the closed-loop production of the entire industrial chain – from silicon wafers to modules – at the Vietnam base. The total investment of this project is RMB 1.47 billion ($0.22 billion) and is spread across an area of ​​about 110 mu.

Canadian Solar secures 100 MW EPC contract in the UK: Canada headquartered Chinese solar power company Canadian Solar Inc. said that it has entered the utility scale energy storage market in the United Kingdom after signing the agreements with Pulse Clean Energy. Canadian Solar will be providing integrated energy storage systems, and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for four battery storage projects of over 100 MWh owned by Pulse Clean Energy. These agreements mark the start of a long-term partnership between the companies. In addition to providing the battery storage systems and construction services, Canadian Solar will also maintain and operate the projects via a 10-year long-term service agreement. Last year, Canadian Solar had raised $150 million through ATM offering program by selling over 3.6 million common shares (see China PV News Snippets)

CECEP Solar says TOPcon to dominate in the next 2-3 years: China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (CECEP) Solar stated at the 2021 annual performance briefing that the company’s current annual production capacity of high-efficiency solar cells is 1.5 GW, and the annual production capacity of high-efficiency solar modules is 2 GW. CECEP Solar believes that cell technology is in the stage of transition from P-type PERC technology to N-type technology. The N-type technology routes mainly include TOPcon technology and HJT technology. At present, TOPcon technology has a cost advantage over HJT and is in the stage of large-scale industrialization and mass production. From the development trend, TOPcon will dominate in the next 2-3 years. After 2024, HJT will gradually increase its market share due to cost reduction, the company feels. It will be a state of parallel development of the two technologies, the company added.

Shuangliang Eco-Energy signs RMB 324 million sales deal: China headquartered solar PV production equipment maker Shuangliang Eco-Energy announced that its holding subsidiary, Jiangsu Shuangliang New Energy Equipment, and engineering company Hualu Engineering & Technology have signed a Reduction Furnace Equipment deal. The deal involves a multi-pair rod polysilicon reduction furnace, with a contract value of RMB 324 million ($48.2 million).

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