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Almaden To Sell Trina 1.6mm Ultra-Thin PV Glass & More From Hoymiles, Gonghe County, Ruihe

China PV News Snippets

Almaden and Trina Solar have got into an agreement, wherein Almaden will be selling the solar module manufacturer 1.6mm ultra-thin photovoltaic glass worth RMB 7.4 billion from June 1, 2022 to December 31, 2025. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: LuchschenF/

Almaden and Trina get into a RMB 7.4 billion PV glass deal; 120 MW BIPV project connected to grid; Hoymiles and Konka to form JV for PV projects; Guinness World Records certifies 2 PV Parks in Gonghe County; Ruihe to increase subsidiary’s capital by RMB 5 million.

Almaden to sell Trina 1.6mm ultra-thin PV glass: Solar glass and module manufacturer Almaden announced that it plans to sell 1.6mm ultra-thin photovoltaic glass to solar module manufacturer Trina Solar from June 1, 2022 to December 31, 2025. The sales volume is estimated to be 337.5 million m2 and the contract value will be about RMB 7.4 billion ($1.1 billion), including tax. In the upcoming TaiyangNews Bifacial & Solar Tracker Virtual Conference – Boosting Solar Power Plant Yields on July 5/6, 2022, Trina Solar and its subsidiary TrinaTracker both are also presenters. For Agenda and Free Registration, please click here.

First phase of 120 MW BIPV project connected to grid: The rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation project of Jiantao Base, which has an installed capacity of 120 MW in the first phase, has been successfully connected to the grid for power generation, local media reports said. This project uses manufacturer and supplier of intelligent solar trackers Arctech’s BIPV smart solution. Once the project is completed, it will save about 1.1 million tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 3 million tons, and generate about 3 billion kWh of photovoltaic power in 25 years. For the latest on solar trackers, join our upcoming TaiyangNews Bifacial & Solar Tracker Virtual Conference on July 5/6. For Agenda and Free Registration, please click here.

Hoymiles and Konka to form JV: Micro-inverter company Hoymiles, in an announcement, said that the company and Konka Group, which is a platform-based company driven by technological innovation, plan to form a joint venture. The new company will act as a platform to carry out the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects. This will enable Hoymiles to further promote products and develop market channels, and also help better reflect the intelligence, safety and efficiency of its module-level power electronic products that will be applied to the photovoltaic projects.

Guinness World Records certifies Gonghe PV Park: As per local media reports, Guinness World Records certifies 2 projects in Gonghe County. Here are the details:

  • the 10 GW PV power generation park has been certified as the photovoltaic power generation park with the largest installed capacity, and
  • the 850 MW Longyangxia hydro-PV hybrid power station has been certified as the hydro-photovoltaic hybrid power station with the largest installed capacity in the world.

Ruihe to increase subsidiary’s capital: Solar photovoltaic power generation and construction installation company Ruihe said that it plans to use its own funds to increase the capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ruixing Wisdom, by RMB 5 million ($0.75 million). With this, the capital of the Ruixing will increase to RMB 10 million, and Ruihe will continue to still hold 100% equity of the subsidiary. The capital has been increased so as to enhance the competitiveness, production and operation of the company’s photovoltaic business.

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