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Chint Produces First N-Type TOPCon Cell And Module & More From Tongwei, Autowell, JA Solar

China PV News Snippets

Chint Solar produces its first n-type TOPCon cell and module. Its ASTRO N series includes 210mm and 182mm based modules with up to 22%+ efficiency. (Photo Credit: Chint Solar)

Chint produces first n-type TOPCon cells and modules; Tongwei increases cell prices; Autowell wins furnace project bid; JA Solar & Anhui partner for 25 GW PV park

Chint Solar produces its first n-type TOPCon cells and module: Specialized subsidiary of the CHINT group and engaged in PV power station development and PV module production, Chint Solar, told via WeChat that its first n-type TOPCon cell and module have been successfully produced in Haining Manufacturing Base. Chint’s ASTRO N series includes three products:

  • ASTRO N6 with 210 technology
  • ASTRO N5 with 182 technology and
  • ASTRO N5s, with module efficiency as high as 22%+, which is perfectly suitable for large-scale ground power stations and large-scale distribution systems

In December, Chint Astronergy’s Cell R&D Deputy Director Dr Sheng He introduced details about the company’s n-type strategy at a TaiyangNews event. He spoke about ‘The Simple Introduction of TopCon Technology’ at TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies (see Dr Sheng He, Astronergy Chint Solar: The Simple Introduction of TopCon Technology)

Tongwei raises cell prices: Integrated solar PV manufacturer from China Tongwei Solar announced via WeChat that it has increased the prices of its monocrystalline solar cells. Here are the details:

  • The price of 210-sized cells has risen by RMB 0.05 ($0.0074), and now stands at RMB 1.28 ($0.19) per watt
  • The price of 182-size cells has risen by RMB 0.04 ($0.0059), and now stands at RMB 1.30 ($0.19) per watt
  • The price of 166-size cells has risen by RMB 0.04 ($0.0059), and now stands at RMB 1.28 ($0.19) per watt

Earlier this month too, Tongwei had raised its cell prices between RMB 0.05-0.07/Watt ($0.0075-0.10/Watt) (see China PV News Snippets)

Autowell wins Ordos’ RMB 150 million bid for furnace project: Automation equipment manufacturer Autowell Technology announced that its holding subsidiary, Wuxi Songci Electromechanical, has won a single crystal furnace project bid for RMB 150 million ($22.18 million) from Ordos Zhongchengyu Energy, a company mainly engaged in technology promotion and application services. Earlier this year, Autowell had said that it would raise RMB 530 million to develop high-end intelligent manufacturing machines, such as TOPCon solar technology equipment and semiconductor packaging and testing core equipment (see China PV News Snippets)

JA Solar & Anhui partner for 25 GW PV park: Solar PV panel manufacturer JA Solar and Anhui Hefei High-tech Zone have partnered for a 25 GW Photovoltaic Industrial Park, local media reports said. With an investment of RMB 5 billion ($0.74 billion), this project will see two phases, where the first phase will include reconstruction and expansion of five workshops, one standardized warehouse, and 110kV substation. The second phase will involve building intelligent workshops and supporting facilities, research and development experimental centers. Once the project is completed, the annual revenue of Hefei JA Solar will be about RMB 24.5 billion ($3.62 billion). Hefei JA Solar is said to be one of the largest production bases of JA Solar.

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