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Jolywood And Laplace Partner For Shanxi 4 GW Project & More From TCL Zhonghuan, Lihao Semiconductor

China PV News Snippets

Jolywood signs agreement with high-tech equipment manufacturer, Shenzhen Laplace Energy Technology to procure equipment for its 4 GW project at Shanxi Smart Manufacturing Plant. (Photo Credit: Jolywood)

Jolywood partners with Laplace for equipment; TCL Zhonghuan releases H1/2022 results; Hohhot silicon projects begin construction; Lihao Semiconductor first phase of new polysilicon factory online

Jolywood and Laplace partner for Shanxi 4 GW project: N-type solar module manufacturer Jolywood said that high-tech equipment manufacturer, Shenzhen Laplace Energy Technology, has provided the company with key process equipment required to manufacture about 10 GW n-type TOPCon cells. Jolywood will use the equipment to produce the second batch of 4 GW cells in the first phase of its  Shanxi manufacturing facility. This 16 GW cell fab of Jolywood in Shanxi began construction in phases in July last year. With an investment of about RMB 5.6 billion ($0.82 billion) and spread across 609 mu, this factory will one of the world’s largest GW-level TOPCon smart cell factory based on 182/210 large-size silicon wafers. Currently, the first batch of 4 GW in the first phase of the project has been completed and the first batch of n-type TOPCon cells has just been shipped (see China PV News Snippets). After the first phase of the 8 GW project is completed, the total production capacity of Jolywood’s N-type TOPCon cells will exceed 10 GW.

TCL Zhonghuan net profit at RMB 2.9 bn in H1 2022: Announcing its 2022 semi-annual report, leading solar wafer supplier TCL Zhonghuan New Energy Technology said that:

  • It has achieved an operating income of RMB 31.6 billion ($4.61 billion), a year-on-year increase of 79.65%
  • Its net profit was at RMB 2.9 billion ($0.42 billion), a year-on-year increase of 92.10%

During the first half of 2022, its photovoltaic silicon wafer business went on to achieve a revenue of RMB 24.4 billion ($3.56 billion), up 74.17% YoY; and its solar wafer production capacity touched 109 GW during this period. Earlier this month, the company had announced its plans to subscribe for convertible bonds from high-efficiency cell/module maker Maxeon Solar in which it is one of the major shareholders (see China PV News Snippets)

Hohhot polysilicon and granular silicon projects begins construction: A groundbreaking ceremony in Hohhot was held to mark the commencement of the 10,000 ton polysilicon and 100,000 ton granular silicon project. Located in Hohhot’s Jinqiao Development Zone, the 10,000-ton electronic-grade polysilicon project is being built by Inner Mongolia Xinhua Semiconductor Technology. Meanwhile, the 100,000-ton granular silicon capacity is being constructed by Inner Mongolia Xinhuan Silicon Energy Technology. This factory will produce FBR granular silicon and is expected to be put into production by August 2023 and reach production by March 2024.

First phase of Lihao Semiconductor polysilicon factory online: Electronic special materials manufacturing, Lihao Semiconductor, has finished phase 1 with 50,000 tons capacity of its high-purity crystalline silicon production facility. With an investment of RMB 18 billion ($2.62 billion), the manufacturing project is divided into 3 phases. After completion of the fully capacity of 200,000 tons, it is expected that the annual product value will reach about RMB 20 billion ($2.92 billion), and provide  over 3,000 jobs.

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