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Astronergy Modules Wins TÜV Rheinland Award & More From TaiyangNews, Envision

China PV News Snippets

Astronergy’s ASTRO Series bifacial module wins TÜV Rheinland best Outdoor Energy Yield Award (Bifacial Group) award. The modules are known for its high efficiency, high power, and high reliability and comes with a 30-years warranty. (Photo Credit: Astronergy)

Astronergy’s ASTRO Series Bifacial Module wins Outdoor Energy Yield Award (Bifacial Group) award; TaiyangNews’ releases video on its first survey solar cell processing equipment for PERC; Envision Group partners with Nike China.

Astronergy modules wins TÜV Rheinland award: PV module manufacturer Astronergy announced that its ASTRO Series Bifacial Module has won the Outdoor Energy Yield Award (Bifacial Group) award at the 2022 TÜV Rheinland All Quality Matters Solar Congress held in Hefei, China. For the Outdoor Energy Yield competition, modules are randomly selected from 1000 mass production modules, and installed at TÜV Rheinland test site in Cologne, Germany. The performance of modules’ power generation is then measured and evaluated through laboratory and outdoor tests. Then as per the evaluation data, the final module energy efficiency ratio is ranked. ASTRO series bifacial module is said to have high efficiency, high power, and high reliability. It also comes with 30-years warranty and can resist the extreme climate conditions such as high altitude, high salinity, and high temperature. This is the fifth time Astronergy has bagged the TÜV Rheinland All Quality Matters award.

Taiyangnews releases video on solar cell equipment for PERC findings: TaiyangNews, in its first survey on solar cell processing equipment for PERC, discussed the latest developments associated with the production tools used at the most important process stations of PERC cell manufacturing, namely: Surface preparation, Emitter formation, Passivation, Metallization, and Testing. The survey covered eight different tool platforms and a total of 53 products from 17 companies. The conclusions were:

  • Basically all PERC production tools now possess the ability to process larger wafers
  • Experts believe average cell efficiency, which is now around 23.2%, can rise to 23.5%

Watch this video to know more.

Envision Group partners with Nike China: Nike distributed wind power project held its groundbreaking ceremony at Nike China Logistics Center in Jiangsu, local media reports said. Working with Envision Group, the project is estimated to be put into operation in early 2023. At that time, Nike China Logistics Center will be fully powered by renewable energy, which makes it the first zero-carbon smart logistics base in China. Nike China Logistics Center is Nike Group’s largest logistics center in Asia, covering a total area of 260,000 square meters. About 45% of the energy used in the center comes from solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy.


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